I’m helping the immensely charming Dena name the dog that she and Levi have not yet adopted. They have lots of name rules. I’m picking my brain (the crazy brain, not the regular one, that one is taking a break).
If one more person asks me if I watched the American Idol or Lost or Everybody Loves Their Own Butt finales I’m gonna start punching. Every time someone asks I end up having to explain that I turned off my tv reception and I don’t watch tv. Then I end up having to explain that I did it not for any uppity, ‘I’m better than pop culture’ reason, but for the exact opposite, I get sucked into shows too easily, I watch too much tv. Granted, I mostly tried to watch Discovery channel stuff when I got the chance, but still.
I ordered $120 worth of pizza for a department pizza party. My boss wanted me to go cheaper than last time (which was also $120, the time before that was $180). Of the good pizza places in town, Luce’s prices are pretty much the same as the others (and the pizzas are bigger than Galactic’s so be all earth friendly if you want, Luce is still the better deal). My boss tried to suggest Dominos and got voted down. Interestingly, it seems my vote carries more weight than his, so even if the result is 1-1 I will still win. This is how it should be.
Long weekend coming up. Haven’t even thought about what to do, yet. David wants to go hiking or kayaking or camping or something. I’d vote for canoeing or hiking or chilling at the coffee shop eating waffles, but that’s me. Also, still working on setting up the new place. Everything got railroaded by the UTI. Also, unpacking and putting away is boring and more interesting things keep coming up.
Still looking at dogs. It’s now my bad idea badge! The perfect dog will show up soon enough.
Ghengis needs a little buddy!!
Thanks for the emails of congratulations for the house sale and sympathy for the UTI.
Best poem ever. EVER.
When I was at the doctor’s office the other day i was reading a Minnesota Monthly or something and there was one of those little quarter page blurbs. When there is a local magazine with a blurb that contains the word ‘geegaw’ and a lamentation about modern architecture and and exaltation of old, already torn down buildings you just know it has to be James Lileks. Now don’t get me wrong, I like his writing and even own a couple of his books, but I always sort of glaze over when he starts going on about the ‘good old days of whatever’. The building he was writing about was a giant stone castle-eque structure that used to be a high school in St Paul that was built in the 1880’s and then had a wing added on later. I work in a building built in the 1970’s, an ugly building to be sure, but even in a building this relatively new compared to that monstrosity I know what a fucking pain in the ass it is to keep (at the very least) the HVAC systems functioning and we have modern systems in place. I look at that giant, old stone building and think “out dated wiring…too hot in the summer…too HOT in the winter with those damned boilers and no controls…no circulation…constantly clogged toilets”. Sigh, I need to stop working in this department.
OH JOY!!!!!!
Matt from the mailroom just handed me my tickets to the Austin City Limits Festival!!!! Now I have to find a safe safe safe place to hide these! Not only do I get to see three days of great music but I also get to hang out with Ethan which is a rare treat. Best part? He lives close enough that we can park halfway and walk! No shuttle buses, no billion-car traffic jams! Also looking forward to $4 heinekens and watching Mike Doughty.
Well, that made my day!
That and the 5 bucks i made on a bet. People need to stop betting me, I am the queen of relationship predictions.
Stay F.O.A.M.Y. my crazy P.E.E.P.S