The only thing of interest I have to say is that for the first time since I moved in to my place i’m making an actual dinner with actual ingredients that aren’t convenience food (well, the red curry paste came in a jar and the veggies were precut and frozen, but you know what I mean). So now we wait for Davidu-san to get his butt over here for thai red curry veggies (there’s chicken in mine, from leftover rotisserie chicken he got me last night because I was too sick to cook. Sigh, okay, lots of convenience food).
Also, it’s cool when you are sick and someone brings you ice cream, popsicles and chicken. yay.
and one more point of banality: when you were a kid were you disappointed that so called ‘split top’ bread didn’t have a special buttery flavor at the split? Okay, well I was disappointed. I was also disappointed that the can of Scrubbing Bubbles didn’t have the army of scrubbing bubbles that were featured in the tv ads.
oooh, I just remembered something cool…
The wife of one of my coworkers is going to open a retreat for scrapbookers (i don’t know, they’re into or something) and they will need someone to run the kitchen. Since I worked as their personal chef for a while they are interested in hiring me. I’m not sure I would do it, my job has great benefits and I don’t work evenings or weekends, but this would be an opportunity to do something I love. Something to think about.
Man, I wish I had potato chips.