Rockin hard

Wait…do I know how to rock a Saturday night? Oh yeah, baby, I do!
I just spent my late late saturday night grocery shopping. That’s right, chochachos, David and I rocked the grocery store like it ain’t never been rocked.
The college cafeteria closes for the summer next week and I have to get in the habit of bringing a lunch because I really don’t think I can spend another summer eating fast food every day. I picked out a bunch of stuff, some healthy, some not so healthy. We’ll see how well this works. It’s hard to think ahead about anything but the fact that I have to get my shit together and move in two weeks.
Special thanks to David for vanquishing Scutigera Coleoptrata for me. Of course I would have killed it with a vacuum and not wrestled it to the yard, but he’s kind like that. I’m not.
11:45am Sunday morning is Pooh’s Heffalump Movie at the Cinema Grill. Be there!