you’re a credit to dementia

I’m watching the first five seasons of the Simpsons again. “You’re a credit to dementia”, one of the many good lines. I miss the good years of the Simpsons.
So, what’s better than waffles at the coffee shop? Plantain pancakes with cojito at the Colombian cafe!
And what’s better than not eating dessert? Hot Fudge Sundae Cake!!! People, listen to me, this cake makes it’s own pudding. It uses patented and secret magic technology to turn mundane ingredients into cake AND pudding. Good lord, I would not even need the humping anymore if I could have the magical cake with its own pudding every day.
Well, except that I like the humping. Okay, if it made it’s own ice cream, I’d give up the humping.
The dog is running in his sleep, except all his paws are under him so mostly he’s just undulating like a furry little grub as he sleeps. Today at the dog park a very very very large dog laid on top of him. He just pushed G down, laid down and held him in place. So weird how dogs are.
My new hero. I want to drive like that. And she’s cute. Sigh. Also, Robby Gordon, grow up! If anyone wants to buy me an exhorbitant birthday present you can get me race driving lessons.
Speaking of my birthday…sigh…I’ll be 32 and will be older than David again. 9 months older, i’m such a pervert.
I need a cheap fly-away vacation. Give me some suggestions. I think I’m addicted to airports or something.
gnome out