I saw a cop with an elaborate and very colorful Japanese sleeve. I sat there wondering what the story was on that. Initial impressions of him, his slightly greying hair, aviator sunglasses, trite, almost ironic mustache didn’t really scream “I sport an elaborate and very pretty tattoo that covers most of my arm”. This wasn’t an old tattoo, it was very very new, in fact from what I could see, it was still in progress.
Of course it was hard to pay attention to him when all the action was taking place around the insanely drunk or stoned individual passed out on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant where I was having lunch.
I’ve seen many a drunk-rousts in my time, and I’m always a little surprised by how callous and rough they are. Of course I understand that when someone over indulges in such a manner that they are immobilized on the sidewalk on a bright thursday morning you aren’t exactly inclined to hold their head while they sip water. The paramedics were doing some sort of digging the knuckles into the sternum and shaking business as the cops searched the guy’s back pack for clues to what might have induced such a reaction.
Speaking of lunch, Alan called me up and invited me to lunch. A pleasant surprise on a day when my crankiness level actually caused me to get pissed and snap at my boss. I never do this and I think he was as surprised as I was. Later he called me passive aggressive and I told him I could become overtly aggressive if he kept pushing me.
I’ll be taking a day or two off in the near future.
I like the flavor combination of drinking an americano and eating a banana. The coffee makes the banana taste more banana-y. or something. I don’t know. The coffee, the banana, it’s like a taste carnival.
The inspector didn’t buy my unsubstantiated story that there was nothing wrong with the chimney. Fuck all.
Actually, I can pinpoint today’s crankinesss to the inspector and the chimney issue. Today would have been as beautiful as yesterday but it started with a giant rock tumbling back into the pit of my stomach.
So instead of dwelling on the nebulous anxiety of THE HOUSE and all its issues both physical and emotional, let’s dwell on how much fun it is to hang with the dudes.
peep out