hide and seek

It’s late, i’m tired. I was browsing my stats for this sie since my traffic has jumped 3-fold in the last couple months. Anyway, I can’t stop laughing at the things people search for that send them to me. Note that ‘Sex Position’ ranks higher than the actual name of the website!
* sex position
* velvet cerebellum
* dog coughs
* whitey mcwhiterson
* analworld
* kerry strug pictures
* allintitle cerebellum
* dog cough distemper
* cerebellum pictures
* timex synch outlook
* pics of 3rd degree burned
* evolution of the cerebellum
* velvet gloves
* cerebellum is longer than usual(ha ha ha)
* windy day upskirts
* lingonberry vitamin k
* disadvantages of gigantism
* bathroom with pink tiles
* mel-o-glaze recipe
* shar-pei basset mix
* uncle milton s ant farm club
* cobra eating habits (??????)
* freshwater manatee fart
* stewie toblerone
* pee.spot
* heather
* squishing ants
* bloomington bark park
* formeldehyde dye stuff
My apologies to anyone looking for real information about their brains or cobras or manatees or anal sex.

breathe breathe breathe

I’m moved. It’s done. Everything that was mine in the old house is now in my new place. Moving sucks. I hate it. Luckily, I had a ton of fabulous help and I can’t thank my friends and family enough for helping me get everything out.
Currently, there is a tight path surrounded by precariously stacked boxes that goes from the front to the back of my place. On top of everything that I have moved in I’ve had to go to Target to get MORE stuff that I need.
All the moving and coffee and beer and lack of water and lack of healthy food has left me dehydrated to the point where my lips are hugely chapped and my face is flaking. Stupid me. Drink more water, eat more fruit, eat less salt. Just eat healthier!
Speaking of stupid, I trapped my car in my garage! I was all happy about finally having a garage to park in, I pulled in, parked, got out, hit the button on the wall next to the door and went inside. The next morning, David poked me and asked “How do you get the car out if the remote is IN the car?”. Reasonable enough question. One I had not thought about! The answer is you get a ride to work and you get a ride home and you wait for you duplex-buddy to come home from work and let you in to the garage. simple. Embarrasing but simple.
Also, a shout out to Earl at Time Warner cable. I got my internet set up with a minimum of hassle, all fees waived AND a ‘Special Circumstances’ credit for one month’s service as well as the special price for 6 months. The lesson learned here is to be nice to the people who sit at keyboards and take your calls, they know what to type to get you special things.
I love this new place, it’s amazingly cute and comfortable (not comfortable in a climate sort of way, there are 2 book shelves, a dining room table and 42,391 boxes between me and the thermostat. If we were having regular late May weather this would not be an issue, but May has magically turned into Smarch and we are suffering through lousy Smarch weather). It’s funny how there’s a ton of storage in some places (kitchen, dining room closet) and no storage in other places (bedroom has a closet smaller than your thumb, I need to buy an etagere for the bathroom). Luckily I can condense and shift and make everything fit nicely. Now I just need to do it.
And so starts my new journey (oh how new age of me). Leaving my old house was sad, it was the death of so many dreams, but the emotions that the house represented had been effectively stomped to bits. Here I am, looking at the new. Like my new, very pretty dvd player! pretty.
On a completely unrelated note, when you are a fish geek (as in aquariums, not someone who bites the heads off fish), you find yourself in some very very very drawn out conversations. i just spent 20 minutes describing the best methods of fish euthenasia, mixed communities, fish related infanticide and rice-a-roni.

2 seconds

I gots me 2 seconds to post here.
I’m moved, I’ve got everything in and now the task of unpacking begins.
Yesterday I learned I need more female friends. Their reactions to emotional are on the other end of the spectrum from the guys’ and while I abhorr gender distinctions, I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.
Later: pics, pithy comments, the physics of wifi in the canadian wilderness, overly stimulating descriptions of what I find in boxes.
slightly less crazy.