we will…we will

So, I can’t come up with interesting words to write, but I can point a camera and click a button. So now I offer up to you the most boring photo essay. Ever. (and I know boring photo essays, I work at an art college!).
1) My new home!

This is my new place. It’s a little duplex in south Minneapolis near everything! I will live on the right side and I can do my own window box. Yay.
This is the only picture I have of the place right now, I move on Saturday, though.
2) Ghengis goes to the Dog Park!

Ghengis runs.

Ghengis incites trouble.

Almost got him.

Ghengis waits in the car while I buy a custard filled doughnut and ass coffee.
3) How to Make Breakfast.
This is by far the most boring pictoral. ever. Seriously, who wants to see what I make for breakfast?


Post maduros. Actually, these were halfway between tostones and maduros. Too ripe and sweet to be tostones, but just NOT quite ripe enough to be marduros. I also sliced them too thin so they got crispy, BUT I loved them this way. I added some kosher salt at service and they were wonderful. A little sweet, a little salty.

Mise en Place people! Prep everything. Here we have mushrooms (so nasty), asparagus and tomatoes.

Saute over high heat. I learned after the fact that you are not supposed to cook mushrooms to death. What do I know, I hate mushrooms!

Add your spinach. So good for you. Add way more than you think you need. It cooks down more than you realize.

The spinach cooks way down to nothing, concentrating all the vitaminy goodness just for you.

Add even more spinach. Adding more spinach not only makes you healthy but it uses up the copious amounts of spinach that you find in your fridge that you have to use or it will turn into a massive green funk in a week.

Tomatoes have lycopene. Lycopene is the trendy new nutrient that all the ketchup bottles tell me about. I get most of my nutritional information from ketchup bottles. It was good enough for the Gipper, it’s good enough for me.

Finally we add the egg. We’re making scrambled eggs! Good for us. All the health benefits of the vegetables are being drown in a sea of eggy cholesterol.

Pick your spices wisely. I went with pepper and Penzeys Greek Seasoning. I could have gone with any combination of 2.32 million spices located in a drawer, conveniently labelled and dying to be used. The best thing about this drawer (and one of my favorite activities) is that everything gets dumped every 6 months and replaced with fresh stuff (either new, or from the freezer). I’m sick, I love doing this.

To add insult to the vegetable’s injury we proceed to scoop a bunch of chevre into the mess. So good…so very good.

And here’s breakfast. Scrambled eggs, pseudo-marduros, french bread, orange juice and coffee. Since I’m in the middle of packing you have to sort of shove shit around and pretend you are having a civilized meal at a real table with real manners.

And it’s over. Breakfast was delightful. Perhaps next time you could join us, I might even make pancakes.
So there you have it, these are the pictures hanging out on my camera. You get to see them. They don’t really mean anything.
It’s 11:50 pm, I’ve had some crackers, some cheese and I’m drinking a beer. I need dinner and fast.

oh yeah

I saw ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ on Sunday with David. I liked it, I really did. I think part of the reason why I liked it is because I read the books once in high school, i thought they were good and that was that. I didn’t read them again, I didn’t remember them at all. I just read them and put them down and didn’t give them a second though. The only thing I really remembered anyway was the earth blowing up.
SO…I thought the movie was good because it didn’t have to live up to any standard for me. I didn’t have to compare it to the books. I loved Marvin. Loved. I loved Marvin so much. I just wanted to hug him. Also, the chick who played Triilian, is she intentionally without emotion or acting ability?
The dog is not allowed to bark. He knows this. He does it. I yell and he stops. Then he sits there like he has a lemon in his mouth whenever another dog walks by. He looks around, his face is strained, he tried to grumble without barking. Poor guy just needs to tell the world they’re not allowed on the lawn.
Cancelled packing plans tonight, cannot pack anymore. Going to nap, chill, hang, eat dinner, chill. In that order.
you know how you get a song stuck in your head and it plays over and over and over until you go insane? Well, I get that, but more often than not I get the song stuck in my head with the wrong lyrics. The Bee-Gee’s ‘Tragedy’ is stuck in my head but with the word ‘vanity’ in the place of ‘tragedy’ and I can’t get it to stop. Hate.
Pictures soon.
oh, also, what do you call that kid that no one likes and never gets invited to parties but he always manages to find out where they are and show up? You know the kid, they insist on showing up even though they’re a jackass and everyone tries to ignore them. It’s not just a jerk, they’re not intentionally assholes. They’re the ones with no skills. What do you call this person???


Yeah, okay, so here’s your update. Or something. First off, a shout out the my homies in Amsterdam. Who are you?
I am officially incredibly sick of Pizza Luce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good food, but I’ve eaten so damned much of it lately. You just can’t give people Dominos in exchange for helping you pack when you offer up pizza and beer as a reward. So Luce it is and I’ve had enough. Tonight it’s thai food.
Last night was night number 4 at almost no sleep in this current stretch of insomnia. There are a combination of factors, the change with weather, the stress of the move, the strange schedule that is my life. I’ve been in patchy insomnia for about 3 months now, but this particular stretch has been tough because I am hardly even dozing at night and when I do the dreams are bright and scary and intense. Well, except I also had a dream that David was dressed up like a mock star with pleather pants and bad attitude. So bizarre. So not him. Made me laugh when I got up.
I photodocumented parts of my weekend! Sadly, the pictures are on my computer at home and I only have time to update at work. I’ll try to get pictures up. Photos feature: Dog Park, How to Make a Nutritious Breakfast, Where I am Going to Live.
I took yesterday off work to relax my brain in some quiet and pack stuff and meet my dad and his brother for lunch. It was a very very good day off. I had cocoa pebbles for breakfast. I love cocoa pebbles. Seriously, with my lack of sleep things like cocoa pebbles become valid conversation points.
The sadness of packing up your house is coming across something with intense sentimental value and not being able to share that with anyone. You can only take the picture, or note, or bauble and put it in a box and hope the next time you see it it will only be an object. I get too attached to things, I assign emotion to things.