Done Today

I’d post pictures but I packed the cord for my camera away in a box and that box is somewhere…somewhere…
So I did a lot of moving today. Not terribly interesting.
This is, however, the first place that I have ever lived in alone. Mine. Alone. I will hang pictures where I think they will look nice and I will organize the kitchen the way that works for me and I will pick curtains and colors and motifs.
And if they look bad. pfffft. Mine.
also, just a note…
‘The Village’ is a terrible, stupid movie. Three points…1) How is raising your families in an environment of total fear and paranoia any better that what you left behind? 2) You’ve got to be 12 kinds of fucked up to leave a blind girl alone in the woods when you know there are monsters out there, you are one bitch-ass pussy for leaving her behind 3) These people seem to have an unlimited supply of lamp oil and are in no way concerned about conserving this resource.
Ghengis is having a sleep over at Dena and Levi’s this weekend. He’s chilling with Bela the absolutely fucking massive rottweiler. As expected, Ghengis has quickly asserted his loyalty to Dena, he loves her. G is quite possibly the most disloyal dog ever.
In the morning we get the big truck and move everything else. Dang. yo.
PS I’m the queen of the advice metaphor. Every problem in life can be related to some other part of like that has fewer problems. When giving someone advice, though, don’t use the words ‘phototropism’ or ‘binary fission’. People can’t take advice that confuses them!