This guy is a total cockbite and dick patrol. Now, I’m also going to fault to guy in charge of the custard place for not turning off the machine the finger was lost in. I mean, seriously, a guy loses a finger in a custard machine, you’re trying to find it, a customer walks in and you sell him custard from that machine? Well, you’re just begging to be sued.
And, apparently, you’re just begging to be sued by the biggest jackass out there. Luckily, other people see him for the jerkwad he is for not returning the finger right away, but still I don’t think that will help much in getting out of the lawsuit.
I don’t know, i’m just not the litigious type. If I found a finger in my custard I’d probably be all freaked out but the most important thing to me would be the well-being of the person who lost the finger. A lost finger is probably going to be a big deal to the guy who lost it. It would be to me!
And I wouldn’t sue the custard place, i’d probably just want some coupons for free custard (after they’d cleaned out the machine) or something. Probably a refund too. Yeah, I know it’s upsetting to find someone else’s parts in your dessert, but let’s try to keep things in perspective, being some blowhard asshole isn’t going to fix things for anyone.
PS there is a fatty fat cute as hell shar-pei on campus today. She’s so cute and she’s totally A.D.D like Ghengis. So soft and cuddly, too. I need another dog!

Good Lord

Pink is the color of good days! I’m wearing pink and also I am happy (also the sun is shining, also it’s friday, also last night was a good night, also I’m calmer). My hair is pink, my shoes are pink, my shirt is pink. People comment on the pink and tell me it’s a good color on me. I think I’ll go get more pink.
man, you know what I hate? I hate when I have a conversation and I think “I should post that” then promptly forget about it then I go post and can’t remember what it was that I wanted to say? Well, believe me, i had something entirely too wity and vaguely humpworthy to post and I just can’t remember it.
I’m off to take the dog to the park and make maduros!