mi casa es su sueño

Here they are, the pictures of my new place. First, though, let’s check out the g-dawg

So sly, so cute. That’s my dog.

Again, the outside of the house.

This is the bedroom where the sleeping and the getting dressed and the other things happen.

world’s coolest ceiling fixture ever. ever.

The view of the kitchen from the bedroom hallway. So cute. Note the laundry chute to the left. Love the laundry chute. Laundry chutes help promote tidiness. Also note the large amount of cabinet space. Cool.

This is the bathroom where the peeing and the showering and the grooming take place. The only thing it’s missing is adequate toilet paper storage. Working on that. I think IKEA has the solution. They solve all of my problems.

Massive counter space and even more cabinet space for me.

Another picture of the kitchen, I love the kitchen. Big kitchen, not the greatest layout, but good size, lots of storage and lots of electrical outlets. People forget how important these are.

From the front door you see the living room and the dining room. The house is an English Tudor so there are these great archways and race track ceilings and textured plaster walls throughout. Cute.

And these! There are 3 in the living room. Cute? CUTE!
This is my new place, this is where I am living now. Soon I will post the pictures of the massive number of boxes surrounding me now.

Ghengis ‘Mr Goofmobilious’ Jones and the very handsome Bela hanging out at Dena and Levi’s!
Well, that’s all for now. I won’t bore you with details of my trip to target or the chinese restaurant up the street that will be getting lots of my money in the future or the fact that all the angley streets over here make it difficult for me to find the best way home from Target.
Got a new microwave. my life is excitement central.