Meh, this and that and the other thing. You’re used to this. People read this and are not so entertained. It happens.
There are monsters in this world. Not the kind under the bed, those are easily dispatched with a light and some apple juice. There are different monsters, those people who have no moral compass, people sick in their brains, people with minds of rot and disease. The hard part is to remember to be charitable, to extract them from your life while still remembering they need help. I was reminded last night that the most effective way to deal with this is to pray that they get what they need (but not necessarily what they deserve, for that would be a far different line of thinking). I am not a religious person, but I am in some way a spiritual person in that I believe in the importance of ritual as a matter of teaching and rewiring how you perceive.
I have learned to say this prayer:
“So-and-so is a sick motherfucker. Please grant me the same compassion for this person that I would grant for a sick, dying friend. May this so-and-so get everything that they need.”
Many thanks to Laura for her help in this matter. I needed to be reminded that the force you strike with recoils back at you. This is me, sitting calmly, trying hard not to strike back anymore. My reactions will now be that of inaction. I will let them find their own resolution.
I will refocus my energy on my life. On my new life which officially gets underway on Monday afternoon. On my dog and my family and David. On deciding to blaze a trail that is my own.
I will look my enemies in the eye and I will feed them french fries and they will die.