burrito bol

I hate when i spill on myself when I am eating!
Barring any freak surprises I think I may actually have the kitchen completely unpacked and 95% put away. I need a new silverware holder as my other one just does not fit. I may end up rearranging things, but that’s to be expected.
I wish my weekend had highlights, but sadly the highlights are 1) unpacked 2) did laundry 3) went to coffee shop with the boy and the dog and chilled 4) unpacked 5) did laundry (it’s a small washer) 6) watched movies 7) ate a burrito bowl from chipotle (2 meals) 8) walking around the lake 9) unpacked.
Monday I close on the sale of the house. Thank god. This is the final act of severing from my ex, it is the last tendril connecting us. It’s sad in a way, or it was sad, I had hoped that when we broke up we were doing it in order to preserve the friendship. I was wrong about a great many things, and the hard part was that it took so very long for me to learn that.
And with the closing of the sale of the house comes some cash which I will immediately blow on cheap liquor and loose women. Party at my place and it won’t end ’til somebody loses a liver.
Okay, just kidding, the money is all earmarked for a number of very adult-like and responsible things. Also a couple small, cheap fun things and one very nice dinner for David and I to thank him for practically being a saint about this whole ordeal. I’m very lucky to have found him, it’s not often you get someone so kind. He’s probably too nice for the likes of me, but he hasn’t figured that out yet and I haven’t told him so you just keep your mouths SHUT.
Woo! Now for some grocery shopping and the ordeal of unpacking books and organizing them.
Stay foamy my peeps and stay away from the french fries!