rainy day rainy ray

Dog park, 3-5 times a week, rain or shine. That was me standing in the freezing rain last night while my dog romped with the other hardcore dog owners. Ghengis met a couple french bulldogs last night and he had the time of his life. They were perfect for him. Small, but not with that weird delicacy you find in terriers (there’s nothing delicate about ghengis and it makes me nervous when the terriers want to rough house with him. Their legs are so thin compared to his.), super strong like ghengis and definitely playful. The only concern I have is that any mush-face dog has a really hard time staying cool in the heat so that will be a problem.
Also, the humane society has a puggle puppy for adoption right now. So tempted, but I really don’t want a puppy. I don’t want to go through house breaking again and I don’t want G-dawg to be a bully.
It’s all about the perfect match, you know.
I found my new food obsession…the noodle dishes at Evergreen (the hidden-in-the-basement, insanely good Taiwanese place by work). Today I had the sesame paste noodles, fabulous, later I’m going back to try the others. So good. So very very good. I love noodle dishes.
God, I’ve been talking about sushi so much lately, I totally want to make it. Soon! Who wants to come over for a sushi party? Bring the plum wine and sake, I’ll make the sushi.
what other non-sequiturs can i pop out here…
Congratulations to Ethan for his big big big happy happy happy news! Go you! (he can share in the comments section if he likes).
Congratulations to Elena on her big big big happy happy happy news of a different variety (she can share in the comments section as well). Frankly, i think this is a direct result of your lack of chones, but that’s just my opinion.
Still no definite plans this weekend. The weather is not allowing me to hold out much hope for a lot in the way of outdoor activities. I do hope I can get in some waffle eating at the coffee shop.
There’s a family of red breasted house finches in my back yard. Super cute, I hope I can watch the babies grow up.
the secrets lives of objects is of no concern to me
let’s all cross our fingers for dena and levi and hope they are approved to adopt the dog they want! If they get him, Suji will be his name. yay.
Who are the people who download those screensavers you see in banner ads?? There’s a list of internet activities that should get your hands smacked. Buying ANYTHING from an email with a return address like chestymcboobsalot@turducken.net, downloading any sort of free anything from an animated banner ad, convincing yourself that elongating your penis is a good idea.
I am remarkably well behaved and a model of self control.
The next major step in my new place is decorating. I suck at it, I have no eye for it. Apparently there are a lot of rules. I’m gonna wing it and see what happens. I’m not looking for feng shui or zen or anything, just pretty.
Also, many of you keep asking me what to get me for my house. I don’t really need anything. I’m pretty much set. What I definitely do not need is houseplants. I can’t keep them alive, i don’t even try anymore.
Setting up the fish tank soon. Maybe this weekend? Maybe! That’s a good, rainy day activity.
alright peep-masters, pop the corn til you drop the horn.