(No, I didn’t get promoted, that’s what spongebob chants on his way to work at the beginning of the spongebob movie)
It’s may. It’s fucking cold out and it keeps snowing. Little flurries that won’t stick, but snowing nonetheless. I hate Minnesota weather. I need to move. One day I will.
Here are some pointless items from my life.
Item: David and I went to see Pooh’s Heffalump movie yesterday. I’m not a Pooh fan, I never read the books when I was a kid, I never saw the movies, I didn’t really know much about them. I have Tigger Ears which I adore but more for their cuteness and not any great knowledge or love of Tigger. After seeing the movie I can safely say that I’d probably go see another Pooh movie but I’m no real fan. I liked Roo and I liked the Heffalump and Tigger was kinda cool but he had a really small part. The rest of the characters…well…hmmm
Also, I went and saw the movie at the Cinema Grill where they bring you hamburgers and grilled cheese and sada while you watch your movie. We placed out order. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. She brought us the bill and we pointed out that we never got our food (seems odd to bring us a bill for food we never got). She proclaimed that she knew we hadn’t gotten our food, the movie was too short to bring us our food and we could take it home with us. The movie was 68 minutes long. Does it take 68 minutes to fry aa hamburger, cook a grilled cheese and make up some fries?? Possibly if you are slaughtering the hamburger buns yourself instead of buying pre-made hamburger buns. Also, don’t blame the length of the movie for your business’ incompetence. We chose to not take the food with us and went next door to Panera.
Item: Panera has pretty good bread. I was surprised.
Item: I am obsessed with bread lately. Whenever I see bread for sale i want to buy some. I want all kinds of bread. I don’t know why. Bread. Craving bread. I even bought those frozen dough loaves so I could bake up bread whenever I felt like it. I do think I want to replace my bread machine. I used to have a fabulous bread machine, that thing was a work horse and we worked it right to death over the years. We replaced it with a cheaper machine thinking there couldn’t really be a difference. We were wrong. i hated that bread machine, it never mixed the dough completely so you’d end up with this overly wet lump in the middle surrounded by all the dry ingredients. If I have to stand there and monitor the machine throughout the process then I may as well make the bread myself. Having to monitor the machine constaantly defeats the purpose of buying a machine to make the bread for you.
Item: My dvd player is pulling a Schiavo on me. It looks and acts like it should work, but just when you get your hopes up, it doesn’t. New DVD player before bread machine. Anyone want to donate a dvd player to the case. and by cause I mean me.
Item: My mother would be glad to know that I still remember how to pray the rosary (though I had to clarify the last line of the Hail Mary, just to be sure). No, I did not ACTUALLY pray the rosary. Sorry.
Item: I move in 12 days. I’m not ready.
Item: The dog is getting better but he still coughs occasionally. I don’t like when he coughs, it makes me nervous.
Item: Still working on the travelogue. I really need to find the balance between excessive, uninteresting detail and missing out on stuff.
Item: Time Warner still hasn’t fixed my bill. I hate them. I still need to set up service at the new place.
Item: A nice thing is a lunch made by another person for you to bring to work with you. I’ve always been a huge sucker for little things like that. I told everyone who would listen…”David made my lunch for me”.
Item: Looking at used cars, just to see what’s out there. I’m a sucker for a certain kind of car, classy and sleek but not obnoxious. I did, however, find a super cheap Audi TT for sale with low mileage. The previous owner had his fun then had kids and couldn’t keep the car for practical reasons. Let me tell you…there was temptation. Also looking at used BMW’s. I suck.
Item: Dinner with my dad tonight. Still need to buy beer for me. Would like to take a nap.
Item: Mother’s Day is coming up. I am without ideas. Help.