Birth…Sex…Commerce is a dumb movie. dumb.
Sky Captain and the World of my own Butt is a stultifyingly dumb movie.
My dogs are the reigning champions of jackassville. They still have the occasional scuffle for alpha-hood but generally they are getting along like happy dogs. Took them to the dog park on Tuesday, I was worried Maddie would be overwhelmed or something but she loved it, she had a great time.
The dogs have this game, it involves jumping, growling, butting their heads into each other, running around and using me as some sort of home free base. Generally, this is a fine game until I have to be home free base too often. Jackasses.
When they play fight Maddie has this great tactic where she whips around and knocks ghengis with her butt. Good times.
Other than dogs and dogs and dogs…hmmm.
I am recovering from what is becoming my semi-annual bout of strep. Go me.
Still love my vacuum cleaner in an unnatural way. Today I clicked 2 buttons and emptied the canister without touching a bag or anything. It is so very very wrong to love this thing so very very much.
oh but the big hooray…the big HOORAY!!
My birthday present from David. Achewood!!! It was personalized with my special nickname and had a hand drawn picture of Phillipe. This was a seriously happy and thoughtful gift. We love Achewood and there’s even a cute story involving Achewood and how we met.
And he DID order it on time, but Chris Onstad had a baby and everything is late. I was glad to wait it was worth it.
Also, Ray’s Rad Chilis garlic chili sauce is the shiznit.
So long Chochachos, this girl’s off to bed.

it can happen

I can do a post not revolving around the dogs.
Jesus, strep, two ear infections, the common cold. Pretty sure it’s time for Bush to declare war on the biological insurgency in my body. It’s what he does, he should do it here.
Started watching Carnivale first season. Interesting, a good watch, has some moments. I think the whole ‘Scudder’ business, while good adhesive for a series, is just slow and trite. Yes, Scudder’s a bad man, he did bad things, I think there just comes a point where you say “this man is as bad as it gets” and you move on.
but this is why I don’t write for TV.
Another fab hair cut today. Love Owen! Picked green for my clor this time, we’ll see how it turns out. This is a true green, I wish they had more of a mint green, but I think this will be good. Change is good. I’d like to do the pink again, I love the way it looks but if I do pink too much then it becomes my ‘color’ and suddenly it’s pink everything. I still want pink running/walking shoes or pink hiking boots.
one dog thing (sorry) Maddie is starting to play more, she’s goofy about it. Regularly, though, she must stop to stand in front of me and make sure I am safe from the rabble. Shar peis are funny that way. She’s a total doll.
that’s it. no more dog stories until tomorrow.

good doogles…borgles…wieners

In trying to find an all encompassing word to use when I am praising both dogs for good behavior I’ve settled on either ‘doogles’ or ‘borgles’ (both David’s suggestions). I always call Ghengis ‘good boy!’ when he is good (I’m all over the praising of any good behavior, it helps to eliminate the need to turn to destructive behavior in order to get my attention). I praise him lightly for regular things like sitting before I put his leash on, peeing outside or eating his food. I praise him highly for doing important things like passing over a stray sock and chewing on a rawhide instead, sitting at intersections before we cross when we are out on a walk, and not trying to devour Maddie’s considerabley large head.
I definitely want to get in the habit with Maddie as well. She’s remarkably well behaved, very calm, rarely acts out. So she gets to be ‘good girl’ whenever she is behaved.
The trouble comes when they are well behaved in tandem, like both peeing outside, both coming in and sitting when I take off their leashes and such. ‘Good dogs!’ seems so very boring. So, I think we’ll go with either ‘doogle’ or ‘borgle’. Time will tell.
also, having a new dog in your house can make a puppy very tired

I’m off. yo.

How to play

Maddie doesn’t know how to play. She’s perplexed by Ghengis, David and I. When Ghengis and I play tug rope she gets upset and gets in Ghengis’ face every time he play-growls at me. She can’t quite figure out why the 3 of us my start running around the house like fools, laughing our asses off (okay, most people and dogs wouldn’t get it either). She watches Ghengis fetch his squeaky ball with mild disinterest.
So, we’re teaching her to play. We’re praising her when she’s goofy, we lavish her with attention when joins us in running around the house.
Ghengis adores her, he follows her around and tries to engage her in play. I hope she can relax enough and start to play. It would be good for both of them.
As for me, i’m still sick (and running about the house like a fool isn’t helping things). I had to cancel out of my dad’s bbq today (sorry dad!), but there was no way I could make it. Ten minutes of effort finds me sweating, aching and exhausted. I’ll make it up to him and I think a bottle of 10 year old Laphroaig will ease the pain.
The most I can manage is eating leftover chinese (oh Bill, I love you forever) and devouring popsicles.
nap time with the dogs, it’s on.

sore throat, sore muscles, congestion, headache…

The weather is beautiful and I’m knocked flat by a cold. It sucks, i’m in pain, i’m tired, i’m cranky, i’m popping pills. David was a prince and stocked my freezer full of popsicles. Three diferent kinds. He also made breakfast for my mom and I.
Maddie’s adjusting nicely. She’s very calm and mannerful. Ghengis definitely wants to play with her but she’s not much for playing right now.
She came with an AKC pedigree showing her lineage and guaranteeing her ‘purity’ or some bullshit like that. What i learned though, is that her great grandfather on her mother’s side is also her grandfather on her father’s side. Weird.
She’s being medicated for a severe bladder infection and yeast infections in both ears. We’re also trying to get some weight on her, she’s pretty thin.
Once we get her in shape then we’ll work on commands. She knows her name and comes when called, but she does not sit or lay down or anything on command.
Time for another popsicle! I’ll catch you all on the flip side.