How to play

Maddie doesn’t know how to play. She’s perplexed by Ghengis, David and I. When Ghengis and I play tug rope she gets upset and gets in Ghengis’ face every time he play-growls at me. She can’t quite figure out why the 3 of us my start running around the house like fools, laughing our asses off (okay, most people and dogs wouldn’t get it either). She watches Ghengis fetch his squeaky ball with mild disinterest.
So, we’re teaching her to play. We’re praising her when she’s goofy, we lavish her with attention when joins us in running around the house.
Ghengis adores her, he follows her around and tries to engage her in play. I hope she can relax enough and start to play. It would be good for both of them.
As for me, i’m still sick (and running about the house like a fool isn’t helping things). I had to cancel out of my dad’s bbq today (sorry dad!), but there was no way I could make it. Ten minutes of effort finds me sweating, aching and exhausted. I’ll make it up to him and I think a bottle of 10 year old Laphroaig will ease the pain.
The most I can manage is eating leftover chinese (oh Bill, I love you forever) and devouring popsicles.
nap time with the dogs, it’s on.