Birth…Sex…Commerce is a dumb movie. dumb.
Sky Captain and the World of my own Butt is a stultifyingly dumb movie.
My dogs are the reigning champions of jackassville. They still have the occasional scuffle for alpha-hood but generally they are getting along like happy dogs. Took them to the dog park on Tuesday, I was worried Maddie would be overwhelmed or something but she loved it, she had a great time.
The dogs have this game, it involves jumping, growling, butting their heads into each other, running around and using me as some sort of home free base. Generally, this is a fine game until I have to be home free base too often. Jackasses.
When they play fight Maddie has this great tactic where she whips around and knocks ghengis with her butt. Good times.
Other than dogs and dogs and dogs…hmmm.
I am recovering from what is becoming my semi-annual bout of strep. Go me.
Still love my vacuum cleaner in an unnatural way. Today I clicked 2 buttons and emptied the canister without touching a bag or anything. It is so very very wrong to love this thing so very very much.
oh but the big hooray…the big HOORAY!!
My birthday present from David. Achewood!!! It was personalized with my special nickname and had a hand drawn picture of Phillipe. This was a seriously happy and thoughtful gift. We love Achewood and there’s even a cute story involving Achewood and how we met.
And he DID order it on time, but Chris Onstad had a baby and everything is late. I was glad to wait it was worth it.
Also, Ray’s Rad Chilis garlic chili sauce is the shiznit.
So long Chochachos, this girl’s off to bed.