good doogles…borgles…wieners

In trying to find an all encompassing word to use when I am praising both dogs for good behavior I’ve settled on either ‘doogles’ or ‘borgles’ (both David’s suggestions). I always call Ghengis ‘good boy!’ when he is good (I’m all over the praising of any good behavior, it helps to eliminate the need to turn to destructive behavior in order to get my attention). I praise him lightly for regular things like sitting before I put his leash on, peeing outside or eating his food. I praise him highly for doing important things like passing over a stray sock and chewing on a rawhide instead, sitting at intersections before we cross when we are out on a walk, and not trying to devour Maddie’s considerabley large head.
I definitely want to get in the habit with Maddie as well. She’s remarkably well behaved, very calm, rarely acts out. So she gets to be ‘good girl’ whenever she is behaved.
The trouble comes when they are well behaved in tandem, like both peeing outside, both coming in and sitting when I take off their leashes and such. ‘Good dogs!’ seems so very boring. So, I think we’ll go with either ‘doogle’ or ‘borgle’. Time will tell.
also, having a new dog in your house can make a puppy very tired

I’m off. yo.