I have to rearrange my living room, one of the vents is right next to the end of one of the sofas and I’m sitting here getting blasted in the head with freezing cold AC air. It doesn’t help that I keep things pretty cool in here. That thing is giving me brain freeze.
Did my hair. Lime green suckahs! I was hoping for more of a crayon green but this isn’t really an exact science. My worry is that it will fade out to an icky yellowy color. Luckily I have enough bleach/developer around to bleach it out of that happens. Or I could get more green from Owen and redo it.
anything new? Lessee….swedish pancakes, dog parks, jackass brigade, shoe shopping, readig old stuff…
Living one block from a yarn store is dangerous. Especially dangerous if said yarn store is two doors down from the waffle offering coffee shop. They had red cotton yarn on clearance. Purse? Probably.
Dogs are a couple of jackasses but what do you expect, look at wo their role model is.
Spent a couple days reviewing writings from various people from the last year or so. I can say this with all honesty, there are some real fuck-jbs out there but conversely there are also some real gems. Be safe, people!
What’s the deal with Chipotle? It’s a burrito place. They sell very large burritos. I eat at Chipotle now and then, the burritos are large. They aren’t bad, they’re definitely a step up from Taco Bell, less gimicky too. I know people who freak about how much they love Chipotle, like this place is the end all for burrito places. The way I see it, the only thing they really have going for them is that their burritos are big. The quality s really only middling, there’s nothing flavor-wise that stands out, they aren’t particularly authentic, they charge extra for guacamole. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re tasty, I just don’t see what’s got people in panty bundling mode. Speaking of Chipotle…the boy promised to get me some for dinner tonight.
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