sore throat, sore muscles, congestion, headache…

The weather is beautiful and I’m knocked flat by a cold. It sucks, i’m in pain, i’m tired, i’m cranky, i’m popping pills. David was a prince and stocked my freezer full of popsicles. Three diferent kinds. He also made breakfast for my mom and I.
Maddie’s adjusting nicely. She’s very calm and mannerful. Ghengis definitely wants to play with her but she’s not much for playing right now.
She came with an AKC pedigree showing her lineage and guaranteeing her ‘purity’ or some bullshit like that. What i learned though, is that her great grandfather on her mother’s side is also her grandfather on her father’s side. Weird.
She’s being medicated for a severe bladder infection and yeast infections in both ears. We’re also trying to get some weight on her, she’s pretty thin.
Once we get her in shape then we’ll work on commands. She knows her name and comes when called, but she does not sit or lay down or anything on command.
Time for another popsicle! I’ll catch you all on the flip side.


She is a calm joy, a thoughtful dog with a sweet demeanor. Slowly she is settling in and getting used to things. I’m glad she is here.