An again

Man, when you start celebrating your birthday the friday before it actually happens you kind of get tired of celebrating your birthday.
You don’t get tired of free lunches, though! I get another one tomorrow. Some friends have informed me that I should go for some sort of hannukah version of my birthday because that way when their gifts arrive a week after the fact they won’t actually be late. This is the kind of logic that I appreciate!
I need to do laundry but there are issues! My dryer has a buzzer. A really really LOUD ANNOYING BUZZER. It goes off 3 or 4 times at the end of the cycle. I can’t throw laundry in to be done when I am not going to be there because this buzzer is so loud and long that it’s got to be irritating to my duplex buddy. So I have to stick around so i can run get the stuff out of the dryer after the first buzz. Also, I cannot just put laundry in before I go to bed. ALSO the washer and dryer are about half the size of my last set. Sigh. Still, though, it’s completely free to use, i don’t even pay for water.
Also, my house is a spider haven! My side of the duplex was vacaant for about 6 weeks before I moved in so the spiders had free reign. Their free reign combined with the wet weather has filled my house with spiders. So many spiders that David is tired of wresting them out the door and has started allowing me to kill them. I appreciate spiders and I appreciate their very important place in the food chain and in the ecosystem as a whole, but that food chain and ecosystem does not exist in my house, or, if it does, NOT in my line of sight. Period. Go serve your role in the food chain out of my site.
More birthday celebrations! HOORAY!
Later peeps!