oh my crap

Night 4 of birthday celebrations. This was at April and Keith’s place with my mom and grandfather and David. I literally suffered a sugar crash and subsequent hangover from the very lovely and VERY sweet Princess Torte that was provided for this party. It was supposed to say “Happy Birthday, Pretty Pretty Princess” but ‘Princess’ wouldn’t fit.
The cake was Keith’s idea and based on that and the fucking fantastically delicious dinner I will give him permission to date my sister. He’s a smart man, that Keith, he knows the safest way to my sister’s heart is through my stomach.
Spongebob movie, dinosaur pancake molds, stuffed spongebob. Yay.
How do the birthday celebrations keep dragging on? I don’t know, but I am supposed to be treated to Cupcake for lunch today, but ecess sugar and excess work and a sick dog might push it to tomorrow.
Speaking of work, I’m off.