happy happy joy

How can you not be happy on a day like today??
Things that made me laugh today:
Daily Dancer (thanks to Alex for that one!). Holy crap! Who is this guy? How does he do it? Be sure to check out “Come Sail Away”.
Dinosaurs regularly try to attack me during my commute to work. I actually didn’t kill a squirrel the other day, I killed a dimetrodon (which is actually not a dinosaur, but a permian era reptile).
Today I’m wearing suburban fat woman clothes that don’t match. I need to do laundry again.
German food for lunch. YUM.

and another

Happy birthday, Robert! Welcome to the cruel bitch that is your 30’s. It’s all downhill from here, you start craving meatloaf, your clothes get more practical, you really have to think twice about whether or not that ‘paid escort’ is practical for your budget.
Good luck man!
Man, gemini’s are kicking it. woo.