happy birthday!

Sadly, I couldn’t get a picture of everyone, but I’ll post more soon.
We’d had it all planned, bowling party at Stardust Lanes, bowling, beer, fried food and cake. What could be better? Saturday afternoon, as I lay on the couch painfully hungover after a night drinking and Denny’s (it’s not a birthDAY it’s a birthWEEK) I decide to call the bowling alley to reserve some lanes for the party as we were looking at 14 to 18 people. So, me, hungover, on the phone with the bowling alley listening to a message informing me that they are closed for renovations.
6 hours before the party I’m in panic mode (and hungover), what the hell!
The ever calm and helpful Jessi assures me everything will be okay! I make 8.5 billion calls to let everyone know that the party has moved to Nokomis Lanes. Phew.
I get some coffee in me and all is well.
Best. Party. Ever.
We bowled, we danced in the lanes, we ate cheese pizza, we celebrated every roll! I got a Hello Kitty lunch pack, a million dinosaurs, COOKIES, a surfing hippo clock, and LOTS of toys. Also, Levi watercolored the t-rex on the card for me, I’m going to frame it.
David made me a lovely carrot cake with pineapple glaze and crayons all over it!
We bowled until they turned off the lanes and then stood in the parking lot like a bunch of ruffians.
When we got home, David went out in the middle of the night to get Beebo the caterpillar some tasty new leaves. Beebo rewarded the attention by making his chrysalis during the night. Now I wait to see just what kind of butterfly or moth he will turn into.
Today was dinner and cake with my dad and Monday (my birthday proper) is dinner with april, keith, my mom and grandfather.

go heather, it’s your birthday

Not my birthday yet, but I had my party tonight! After a near disaster got averted we were on our way and tonight was by far the best best best birthday party ever!!!
Pictures later! I’m off to bask in the glow of the best party ever.