When I’m bored I go to google maps, look up places I’ve visited and then play with the satellite image feature.
I got to see the Dry Tortugas where I spent a lovely day in the sun in the middle of the ocean. And the place I spent my Christmas vacation(edit:I changed this link to show the actual location on the bayou. I had not been certain before, but D showed me). Zilker Park where I saw the Pixies for the first time as well as Ben Harper, Wilco and many many others all while drinking expensive beer and loving the sun.
Let’s not forget the mountains I almost died in while driving too fast last at night.
But here’s where the satellit feature came through for me. As I was flying down to Miami 2 weeks ago we crossed over Florida from the gulf side and I saw the weirdest thing from the sky. I didn’t know what i was or even where it was in the state. I knew it was big enough to see from the sky and near enough to the ocean that I could find it if I stayed near the ocean on the maps. I scoured the Florida coastline and was disappointed that this had nothing to do with aliens, just golf courses and country clubs.
Ah well, at least I found it.