yay yay hooray

I got it! The guy called me today to say he’d very much like me to rent from him. VERY MUCH! YAY! I was worried that my pink hair might be a red flag in his mr businessman world, but I figured I was pretty well spoken and I have a history of not getting kicked out of places and not getting convicted of felonies so that helps a lot.
Something in my office smells like lanolin and i fucking despise the smell of lanolin. It’s one of the few smells that just makes me ANGRY. I hate lanolin lotion with a passion.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
I would threaten kids and small dogs with that thing!
I need a nap, I need to buy some beer, I want it to be warmer so I can sit outside and smoke my cigar and drink a beer.
Maybe I will go take a picture of my new place. It’s super cut