1) get high 2) bang a tranny 3) fall in a canal

One more week until The Keys. It’s a sunny 82 degrees there. I need to maybe get something to wear that’s not jeans. I look terrible in shorts, so maybe capris?
Oh dear god I cannot wait to get on that plane and get the hell out of town.
David’s camping and kayaking right now. I think he was glad to get out of the house this morning simply because he was tired of the barrage of worrying questions such as “will a bear eat you? will a wolf eat you? will a badger eat you? did you know cotton kills? i learned that once! Are you going to hang your food from a tree? will you freeze to death? do you think the badgers have their own fire brigade? will you fall out of your kayak? will you lose your food? do you have a first aid kit? what if you get lost? what if you stumble into Deliverance?”. It wasn’t pretty.
When I’m left alone for any extended period of time the first order of business is to get very very unhealthy take out food and pig out. David, being aware of my propensity to abuse my body, left me with a kitchen full of vegetables. Damn.
Breakfast is Sunday at 9am, I’ll post the location when I figure out where it is.
I’m going to miss the first $1 hot dog night Twins game. Sigh. Worth it though, I’d rather go to florida.
So, they read the Pope’s will today. He didn’t leave me anything. Damn. Actually, he didn’t leave anything to anybody. He had no earthly possessions. He was the head of one of the largest institutions on the planet and he never bothered to go shopping, no one ever gave him a birthday present or a christmas gift. I mean I guess what do you give the Pope on his birthday? I know I’d be stumped. I bet he would have liked new slippers though, or maybe a home made scarf. He also wanted his personal notes burned which I think is sad, too. Busy, intelligent man, would have been interesting to see his notes. I wonder if he wrote about his moments of doubt or his times of despair? It would seem to me that stuff like that would be helpful for people to hear. If the Pope feels doubt on occasion then maybe it’s okay to question your faith, i think that’s how you strengthen it.
I was going to leave work early today, but there was a showing at the house. Dammit.