I know…I know

I know I’m supposed to be excited about the house selling and I am happy that we finally got an offer but everything is overshadowed by the fact that I completely mistrust the other people involved in the process AND I am powerless to do or say anything about it. It’s incredibly frustrating to feel like this about something that should bring elation.
God, my future is waiting and this is the last shackle to throw off, I just wish I didn’t feel like I had to cut off my foot to get away.
Irrational? Probably. Actually, definitely, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself in the last few years it’s to trust my instincts, my guts seem to like me.
Okay details later, i’m out to sign and smile…sign and smile…
I promise more cheer in the next post.


So, we got an offer on the house (lesson learned, don’t get irritated when people want to come see the house, it’s how they find out if they want to buy the house), it’s a little lower than I would have liked and it sounds like there’s probably some other stuff attached to it, but, I’m not allowed to do or say anything but agree with what’s offered so that is what I will do.
Besides, I need this to happen. So, I’ll go in today and get the specifics, smile, nod, and start making real plans for my future now that it’s not on hold anymore!
Also, this means I no longer have to be neurotic about keeping everything super clean AND I don’t have to go get plants and flowers for the garden AND I can probably get a good last dinner party in without worrying about changing my plans mid-stream.
I was just thinking this morning that when I got an offer on the house I’d sit down and smoke one of the cigars I got in Key West to celebrate. Well, if anyone would like to join me in the smoking of a Cuban leaf Corona, meet me on the front steps at 7pm!
Finally, a big move forward!