You are the U-Haul truck speeding into the sunset of my life

My skin has mostly stopped peeling away and mostly I don’t look like Reptar, Molting Queen of the Underworld. I do still have a few spots of burn that really and truly look like actual burn, not sunburn but actual hot brand on my flesh burn or something. eeeuw. I’m pretty.
Went and looked at a place to rent on Friday and hope hope hope to get it. Cute duplex, in a cute part of town. Just a few blocks from Lakes Nokomis and Hiawatha and up the street from one of the 2 dog parks that I go to. Also, a couple blocks from the Mel-O Glaze bakery (yum) and closer to United Noodles and Coastal Seafood.
This place is cute with a fab kitchen (the entire rest of the place could be a tiny shithole, I woulsn’t care, it’s the kitchen that sells me every time. The only real complaint I’d have is the bedroom is rather small with a tiny closet, but there’s a giant linen closet right outside the bedroom, next to the bathroom that could be used for clothes.
Separate dining room means I’ll probably keep my dining room table instead of downsizing to the little 2 seater table I have.
Also, garage parking! yay!
Friday night D and I went to see a high school production of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”. It was surprisingly good for a high school play, but the best part was that because it was high school they tweaked it so much they ended up cutting out huge chunks of show for time’s sake. Now purists would argue that huge chunks should not be cut out of anything, but I’m not a purist and I think Shakespeare occasionally forgot to stop writing. Some stuff is just too damned long and pointlessly so. If it were being done professionally, then by all means keep it pure. 15 year olds can cut what they like as long as the gist is there. Also, the kid who played Puck was gonna go somewhere in life. You could tell. It may not be in acting, but it was gonna be somewhere.
And the weekend keeps rolling on…
Saturday morning David ran a 5k. Now, I figured if someone was running a race his or her friends or family would come along to cheer. Granted this was a shorter race and it had a fairly low turn out, but there were only two people there to cheer, me and this other guy. Perhaps it was because it was cold (damned cold) and very early (the ducks at the pond were still asleep) but still! After the race (he did well, but they were a little disorganized so we don’t know what place he was in specifically, but he came in pretty shortly after the winners) there was a guy (the winner, actually) with a 10 week old english bulldog puppy!! Her name was Minion and she was a cross between a toad and a pork roast! So cute, so fat, so hoppy hoppy! Every time I played with her, she hopped up and stuffed her head in my purse. Another girl and I told him we were gonna steal his puppy and he said “I will never let that happen” and I let him know I could probably knock him down pretty easily.
After the race was breakfast at the Highland Grill where I had the crab cake benedict. Woo.
The buyer’s inspection was that afternoon (and luckily they left their trash on my table, I’m really pleased about that) so I took G to the dog park for a bit (and a lady there tried to get me to adopt a black lab she had at her animal rescue place. As much as I would like another dog, not a lab). then over to D’s for a nap.
During my nap I had 2 really disturbing and vivid dreams. Both dreams involved Target, but it wasn’t Target that upset me. The first dream had me anti-shopping at Target. I was going down the aisles and putting back all the things I owned that I would not need once I moved into a new place. After I was done there I headed over to the fish market (fish for eating, not displaying) to get dinner. They had all these bins with shellfish and the like and as I went to pick out clams (i’m craving shellfish like mad right now) I noticed that about half the bins on display were full of live bugs for sale, various kinds of centipedes and beetles and crawly things. Also the floor had mice and centipedes running all over the place. I went to the next room only to find more bugs on the walls and floor and a large, flat basin full of oversized (hugely oversized!) bugs and houseflies and the like. aaagh, I ran out of there and called my mom!
I woke up, rolled over and had another dream. In this one David and I went to pick up his friend, Marshall, at the airport and we were driving on the freeway. Look at the map because the freeways in my dream were surprisingly accurate. We left the airport, drove up highway 5 to highway 55. Where 55 and 62 meet there’s a tight-ish curve (and this IS how I drive home from the airport). At this tight curve Marshall decides to fix my hair and his hands get in the way and I cannot see. I don’t see the curve, we go flying off the road (rather gently, my brain doesn’t like crashes so we sort of float down). My car is totalled but no one is hurt and I lay on the ground sobbing for the loss of my car. To make me feel better, D and M take me to a giant candy store next to the brand new Target corporate headquarters (david got cookies for himself, I got chocolates).
I don’t know why I told you my dreams, but they were upsetting.
Today was breakfast at OPH with D, Alan, Mary Alice and Matt. Tonight is Roller Derby and this afternoon is chillin like a villain and finishing my book.
One last thing before I go…
Is there anything happier than looking up to see the puppy curled up with the boy as he practices guitar? No, not really.