2 minutes of joy

Here’s the promised happiness…
Breakfast was tasty. Is it still breakfast at 1:30pm?? Who cares? Breakfast was good!
Sometimes, even if you feel like you have a lot to do and a lot to get done you should still curl up together on the sofa for a little bit. It’s very nice. It’s a comfort.
The dog park…also nice. Not many dogs today with the chilled weather and threat of rain and snow. Ghengis ran like this would be the last day he could ever run again. He ran like a mad dog. Today we met another shar-pei mix dog and it was funny how similar they were even though this dog was much taller and all that.
Speaking of shar-pei mixes, I came this close || to buying a shar-pei/basset hound mix puppy yesterday!!!! Oh holy crap! I know I know I know I can’t have another puppy but still I go to PetFinder every once in a while and look up the shar-pei mix dogs up for adoption. Sigh, some day I will get Ghengis a little buddy. I would have named the new puppy Lily.
And on with the happiness…Mel-O-Glaze!! I was over by the bakery and decided to pop in to check the place out and also get a doughnut and coffee. The place is crazy and tasty and weird. I can’t describe the vibe in there, but I know I’m going to be there all the time and I will be writing about it a lot. We realized as we were ordering that they did not have a credit card machine and I almost never carry cash. We asked if they took cards and she replied, “we take IOU’s, send me a check”. I loved her, I’d never been in there before, she’d never seen me before and she was willing to just accept an IOU from me. Of course, this is probably not the best way to do business, I know I’d totally pay, but i know a lot of people who wouldn’t. Luckily, everything there was cheap and we did actually have enough cash.
The coffee at Mel-O-Glaze tasted like someone else’s butt, so I’ll have to get my coffee at the Nokomis Beach Coffee Shop (1.5 blocks from my house).
It’s 6pm, part of me feels like I have a lot to do, part of me feels like it’s time to chill.
The dog’s chilling, me too.
Pictures very soon. Also, Key West travelogue soon.

Pavlov and my name

First off, I have a batch of vanilla spice pancake batter resting in the kitchen waiting to be made into pancakes. The recipe is my own concoction, I’ll let you know how they turn out.
Also, I’m supposed to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, D went to go get the spinach and tomatoes to go in the eggs. I didn’t check before he left, but there are only 2 eggs left. Sigh, I don’t really wish he had a cell phone, but now is one of those times.
Anyway, back to Pavlov and my phone…
I’m not answering my phone. Sorry. I’ve pretty much stopped answering my phone except in a few cases where I think 1) the call is important and 2) the call won’t piss me off.
For the last few months a good third of the calls to me have been frustrating, angering, tiring or altogether not what I want to talk about. And while I know the hard part is over with the house sale and all that, my Pavlovian reaction to my phone is set.
When I hear “HELLO MOTO BYOOOOO doot doot doo doo do….”, the default ring on my phone (which I changed at one point but it went back) I tense up, my spirit falls, I just KNOW it’s going to be one of THOSE calls.
Sadly, when my friends and family call I just cannot bring myself to answer most of the time. I’m sorry, people, but I’m just not answering the bulk of the phone calls that come through. Of course most people would say “if it’s important, leave a message, I’ll get back t you”. Yeah, well I’m not checking my messages, either. If it’s important call me twice, then I’ll know.
Please don’t take it personally, I don’t mean it to be, it’s just the safety plan in place so that I don’t smash my phone to pieces. Oh, and, calling me while I’m at work is probably going to be a bad idea for a while. I’ve pretty much wasted any ‘personal call good will’ sitting on the phone with various members of the real estate industry hammering out details and situations that I pretty much lost interest weeks ago.
Okay, enough with the phone. Hate the phone.
Let’s talk about why I hate Minnesota…Tomorrow is May, today there was snow falling on me while I was outside with the dog.
My phone just rang. I answered it as it was the number from the Lund’s customer courtesy phone. David’s at the grocery store and he called and I was able to tell him we needed eggs. Okay, so sometimes I do answer my phone.
Later I’ll post something more cheerful.