I am the greatest

I’ve decided to go ahead and declare myself the greatest girlfriend ever. That’s right, against all logic and fact I’m just gonna go ahead and declare that. I know that quite a few people will take issue with this declaration, some people would say that I am a terrible girlfriend and others would say that their girlfriend would top the charts. The thing is, this is my world and I am the best girlfriend ever.
Of course, in my world you only have to color some dinosaurs with crayons, cut them out and paste them on colorful pieces of paper with cute captions to be declared best girlfriend ever.
Also, Key West photos are cropped and photoshopped (I have amazingly blemish free skin thanks to photoshop!), now all I have to do is write pithy copy to go with the pictures and we’re good to go. Here’s a taste.
Can I get a volunteer to live in a cabinet in my kitchen and make tasty suggestions for dinner based solely on the ingredients I have on hand? I’m hugely uncreative lately. You can rest assured I almost always have chevre on hand, though.
It’s 9:30, I’m off to make dinner finally!
A foamy dinner for my peeps. yo.
Update (instead of writing a whole new post)
I have 8 different kinds of rice on my kitchen, most are contained in unmarked Cambros. I can tell them apart either my sight or smell (jasmine rice and white rice are similar). Sadly, I stood there for 10 minutes tonight unable to distinguish my rices. They all looked exactly the same to me (except the brown rice). I almost felt illiterate! Luckily I figured it out (went with basmati).
For dinner I am combining many of the things I have been craving into one perplexing dish. I just made a tomato sauce with diced tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, parsley, a splash of champaign vinegar and brown sugar (too much liquid, but I cooked it down). This will be served on basmati rice with scrambled eggs and chevre. No, I don’t know what the hell I’m thinking but I’m just putting together all the things I crave. If I had black beans they’d be in there, too.
Update 2
On the whole, I liked dinner a lot. I liked the tomato sauce, but D thought it was too tangy (probably, but I liked it). The egg was a little weird but on the whole it was a good and comforting meal, just not something I would serve to guests.

Seems like we just talked about this

My god, the supreme effort of will to not let pms take over my conversations today deserves an award.
If I believed in heaven I would believe in some sort of reward in the hereafter. Sadly, I know that these things tend to go unrewarded. The flip side is that rarely does the opposite get punished in any real fashion so it’s only internal decency that keeps the filterss in place.
pms, insomnia, migraine, cramps
these things do conspire against me.
My mantra is now “don’t think about the house situation don’t think about the house situation”. It’s really not my deal anymore, I just flex my signing hand and smile.