Chica Mala

And I got the translation I was looking for…
Tú eres el remate de la broma más triste del mundo
Special thanks to David’s roommate, Matt, for the help.

Yeah, so, what’s up my fry babies?

I had this weird bit of musical happiness yesterday. See, I have my iPod and I have my fm transmitter, I seriously love this transmitter, it charges my iPod while I use it so as long as the weather is nice I never have to bring my iPod in except to put new music on it (which I desperately need to do)(also, do not leave your iPod outside over night when it is very very cold, it will not like you so much). Anyway, I make these playlists and I always have 3 or 4 playlists that are almost identical. The first one is huge and the subsequent ones get smaller and smaller as I weed out those things I don’t really want to listen to. Even then, when I get to my pared down version of the playlist the experience goes like this…
skip…skip….skip… skip…skip…um…skip…oooooh!

I can name a tune in like 1/2 note, i’m the queen of skipping.

So what I’m saying it that it’s rare for me to actually have two songs in a row that i want to listen to which is damned curious since I made the playlist myself. It also means I need new music.

Yesterday, in an odd turn of events I had 3 (three) (tres) songs in a row that I actually wanted to listed to. ‘Black Cadillacs’ told me to name my children after towns that i’d never been to and to be proud of my hipster heritage, my verb and noun usage. After that I got to ponder assholes and control freaks with Bukowski. So what’s up with the Modest Mouse? I don’t know, they grew on me or something. I always liked them but now they’re getting heavier airplay than before.

Now, I get ready to skip because god knows the idea of a 3 song magic moment isn’t even entering my mind and on comes Staring at the Sun. I’m a HUGE fan of TV on the Radio. The first time I heard them was when I was in DC for New Year’s over a year ago and Mark played them for me. There’s apparently some ongoing debate about whether this song is about orgasm or death (i vote for death) and my first reaction to any debate like that is "What’s the difference?". Then I realize that no one rolls over from death, lights a cigarette and thinks, "yeah, we’ll do THAT again!".

Of course all good things must come to an end and I spent the rest of the trip home flipping through songs.

Went to this last night. Mostly we had gone to see Pablo as David knows him, he hadn’t been to one of his shows in a while, I like his music AND I had yet to see him perform live. He didn’t sing Tina’s Song, but he did sing a song about how you are every childhood story come to life and I thought that was sweet (sadly, the lyrics to that song are not online). The book reading was great as well, she’s a great writer and I do think I’ll be buying the book. The parts she read were visceral and dark and very real.

Then to lighten the mood we headed over to catch "The Life Aquatic" since I am so behind on my movie-seeing. You know, I thought it was okay. Wes Anderson has definitely done better. There were some very beautiful moments, things that visually were very his, but there were also a lot of cheap devices used and obvious tactics employed. The script was not nearly as tight as other movies of his.

I’m looking down the barrel of another very long, not relaxing weekend. I need to get a pair of dog-chewed glasses replaced AND get a new pair of prescription sunglasses to replace the ones that got stolen in chicago. I hate picking thesee out because I can’t see my face in the mirror unless there are lenses in my glasses! Also, pancakes Saturday at OPH in Edina at 9am, for all y’all that keep asking when I’ll go to breakfast with you, this is it. Be there.

oh and…
Memo To the Staff at Symantec, Dublin…
Dáithí is quite possibly one of the most brilliant and confounding minds I’ve ever had the pleasure to tangle with. His razor wit is rivalled only by his taste in trousers. You would do well to listen to his teachings and chew on the meaty gristle of his mind. To disparage the good Mr. M. is to disparage me and to to that will get you a loud, brash, uncouth american punch to the skull. Or something like that.

Jesus D, could I mention you more often?

Alan!! update your damned website or i’ll farmer’s blow into your pancakes.

Stay foamy peeps!