Why is it that most home showings must be scheduled at the most inopportune times. Jesus, I know I’m supposed to be glad that people are coming to look at the house and accomodating them would lead to more house sales than telling them to piss off, but I am so tired of having to cancel plans, put them on hold, rearrange them or, even worse, come up with plans because all I really want to do is take one evening where all I do is curl up with the dog, ignore everyone and read my damned book.
Tonight’s one of those ‘interrupt my one night to chill’ versions of the home showing. “Oh, no, 7:30-8:30 pm is a lovely time to show my house. Not so early as to get it out of the way and certainly not late enough for me to justify murdering you in the moonlight.”
I know, I know, everyone’s working, they can’t all come look at houses in the middle of the day when it’s convenient for me. Most days I’d just accept this and grab the dog and go to the dog park or something, but I decided not to go to the baseball game, I gave up a fun social activity that I’ve come to love in the last couple years so that I could have a few hours alone.
Bleh, it’s just the frustration of not having any control over this aspect of my life. I want this house to sell, I really do (contrary to what others have said). This is the last hurdle for me and I want to get over it, so I am happy when people come to see the house. It’s just really hard to see the big picture when you’ve spent the last 10 days moving yourself at a furious pace in the company of other people (people who I adore and doing activities that have filled me with such joy, let’s be clear here). David’s got two classes tonight and I was looking forward to quiet.
Ah well, I made a joke today about pope benedict…eggs benedict…something something…and I’m sure God’s having his way with my psyche now as some sort of revenge.
Also, my skin is sluicing off my body at a furious rate, unfortunately not in giant sheets but as some sort of massive body dandruff. It is truly disgusting.
…and…I called my boss before I went in to work today to see if he wanted me to bring doughnuts to the meeting this morning (or more specifically, I wanted a doughnut and figured if I got enough for everyone I could use the corporate card AND jutify buying my morning coffee on the corp card as some sort of travel fee), he agreed that doughnuts were an excellent idea and I was on my way. I found out this afternoon that there’s a new policy in accounting that whenever you buy food with your corporate card you have to list all that was purchased, the purpose for the purchase AND everybody present who consumed the food. This is not such a big deal for me as I generally just do the occasional doughnut run or department lunch outing on the card, but one of the other departments regularly buys a smorgasbord of breakfast food and then invites a bunch of people over as an “improving interdepartmental relations” move. They’re screwed. I’ll be sure to leave a list of all that I consumed at these little events (1/2 bagel, peanut butter, crackers, cheese, fruit, 87 cups of coffee).
Okay all you foamed up peeps in my hump kingdom, I’m off to lay bear traps and scatter plumper porn around the spare rooms.