Mercury in Retrograde through April 12!

I’m not huge into astrology but I read up on it and sometimes when I read gives me pause and makes me think things through. A friend sent this to me, my comments are in italics.
What happens when Mercury retrogrades? You miss appointments, your computer equipment crashes, checks get lost, you find the car you just purchased during Mercury retrograde is a lemon. (Or, you hate your haircut, the lamp you bought shorts out, your sister hates her birthday gift.) There will be countless delays, cancellations and postponements—but know these will benefit you in the long run. Don’t fight them, although your frustration level and feeling of restlessnes will be hard to cope with at times.
Hmm, i’m getting a haircut on Thursday and I’ll be bleaching and coloring on my own. Maybe not such a good idea? Luckily I leave for the Keys after this.
All machinery and things with moving parts—such as computers, VCRs, camera equipment, garbage disposals, and so forth, will reveal any weak links now. It is critical that you back up your data system and be more careful and vigilant than ever. Projects will demand more time and money than anticipated this month.
My dvd is on the fritz, but it’s been like that for a while. Other than that I have my standard fear that something in my house will break soon, but that’s just because I can’t afford to have anything fixed right now.
In matters of the heart, if your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you or says something hurtful, take a wait-and-see attitude. Since Mercury rules speech, they may not mean what you think they are saying now. Let them have some space, and wait to see if they mean in October what they said in September.
This is more important to David than me. I’ve been so cranky lately, all snapping at people and being mean. Hopefully, after my hormones even out again I will be back to being all jovial and fun. I’m still planning on being mean to my coworkers, it’s a fine release.
When traveling, leave early and allow for extra travel time. Have all bags double-taped closed, count your belongings, double-check addresses and reconfirm appointments. Things get lost when Mercury messes us up. Take NOTHING for granted. The sector of your chart that Mercury happens to be skating through will be effected most dramatically, so check your forecast!
Again, luckily I’m trveling after this is over or I’d be worried. David’s going camping/kayaking for a couple days, I wonder how this will affect him if it does.
Why would the Universe give us Mercury retrograde? Because to move forward it is sometimes necessary to backtrack and reconfigure our paths in life. It is important to reconsider, repair, reflect, and reconnect. Mercury forces us to slow down and fix what’s broken, and in so doing, rethink things. It also gives us time to get to projects we have put on the back-burner.
I’m a huge believer in this, i know that sometimes things must be destroyed in order to make room for new creations and I know that sometimes the best way to move forward is to move backwards. Sometimes an inconvenience is a good thing as it forces us to retool our outlook.

Some activities are lucky or actually improve when Mercury retrogrades. You are likely to bump into old friends that you haven’t seen in years. Adopted children tend to find their birth parents during Mercury retrograde periods, or people locate their long lost siblings. Prosecutors often find clues to crimes that had previously remained unsolved for years. (Although sometimes the reverse is true—there is a greater danger, or example, that police can bungle evidence during a Mercury retrograde period, for clear thinking doesn’t come easy for any of us then.) Mail that went astray weeks or even years ago shows up during Mercury retrograde. Some things that were lost reappear.
Yeah, hopefully the cops will bungle any investigation they might have going on me right now. Hatchets are hard to get clean.

Now is also a good time to dress old wounds, clean up relationships or to simply bury the hatchet. Some people have great breakthroughs in psychotherapy during a Mercury retrograde period. For salesman, it is a positive time to backtrack over previous contacts rather than call on new ones. It is a perfect time to schedule work on projects that you haven’t had time to do and you’ve let pile up. Bring your resume or portfolio up to date, and clean out your closets. Take time to paint the house. Clear your decks.
So it’s time to find the map and get on the high road again. yes, mom, i’m on my way.
Just try not to start new things. If you have to start a job during a Mercury retrograde period know that the nature of the job is likely to change dramatically over time. Perhaps the person you report to will leave, or your responsibilities will be very different from what you thought they would be. Or your company won’t be ready to take you on, and you won’t have much to do until things are reorganized. But remember, if this was a position that you tried for in the past, then you’ve got the vibes working for you rather than against you.
Okay, so there you have it, things are going to get messed up so take the time to consider whether or not they’re working for you in the first place. Forgive miscommunications and be patient.