You forgot nothing! You fool no one!

I took today off. Most people take mondays or fridays off to extend their weekends. It makes sense, I do it most of the time. Every once in a while, though, I just like to take a day off in the middle of the week. It breaks my work week up.
Today April came over to micromanage. In anyone else, this would be an insult, but my sister is the queen of the micromanagers. If you need someone to come in to a situation, take charge and get shit done down to the littlest detail you call my sister in. I had unpacked everything but my books and the serving dishes. Easy enough to do but completely uncritical to my life and since I’m so easily distracted it just was not getting done.
In comes April on her micromanagement chariot. Boxes are emptied, shelves are filled, space is created.
Aprils fee? A ham and cheese sandwich, 15 tater tots and an iced tea.
Things are coming together. I really love this place. I love having this thing which is all mine. It’s very freeing. The next steps include getting pictures up, decorating and then setting up the aquarium.
Tomorrow is Maddie’s day! If I can’t find out her birthday then tomorrow will be her birthday from here on out. Dogs need birthdays as much as I do! I’m excited and worried. She’s 4 years old and in that time she was owned by people who didn’t care. Now she’s in a doggie foster home with a woman who is very fond of her. Tomorrow, one week after she was abandoned, she will go to yet another home. There will be a whole new set of things to learn, people and animals to deal with. She’s always lived in the country and now she will live in the city with all the traffic and noises and smells.
She’s been neglected and abused and harmed and then abandoned. She deserves something quite fantastic. I hope I can give it to her. Our big mission is to deal with men. She’s been abused and she’s scared of men now. We will work on that slowly and carefully. She deserves to be calm and comfortable.
I can tell you with all certainty that Ghengis is a happy dog. A very happy dog. I hope I can give that to Maddie as well.