The house I am renting is a MAC house. MAC is the Minneapolis Airport Commission and a while ago they were tasked to deal with airport noise in the city. It was determined that it would be cheaper to take every single house anywhere near the airport and soundproof them instead of diverting airplane traffic or building a new airport somewhere else, they were probably right. So I live in one of these soundproofed houses. The windows seal incredibly tight, the insulation is so good that the AC cools the place down in about 25 minutes. The best part, though, is that with the soundproofing, you can not hear ANYTHING from outside.
I would have slept through the whole storm last night if it wasn’t for Ghengis getting upset. He hates storms, even if they aren’t making noise (or maybe they are making noise he can hear that I can’t). It was disconcerting to see the flashing lightning outside but not hear anything but the faintest rumbling. The dog kept waking up so I had to take him out to pee. The dog HATES the storm but will not come in at 1:30 am or 4 am until he has determined things are safe even with thunder, lightning, and driving rain.
We were unscathed, the worst I can complain about is my neighbors giant tree puking fetal pine cones all over my car (I forgot the garage door opener in the house and had to park on the street again). My car looks like a bunch of maggots humped some puffed rice and layered their offspring onto my car in some sort of sacrificial offering. I hate that tree.
Power seems to be out intermittently around town. A lot of major intersections did not have traffic lights. MOST people know that in this situation you revert to 4-way stop sign mode in lieu of lights. MOST people do this, the occasional asswad thinks they should skirt the cars waiting their turn and then blaze across the intersection.
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? That’s right, spongebob! Got the movie, will watch it many times.
My big post house sale splurge on myself….A Dyson vacuum! Do i know how to party? oh yeah, baby, i do. Now, before you say “Heather, you fool! How could you spend $500 on a vacuum?!” I’ll tell you I didn’t! I got it on eBay (thanks Alex for the tip) for a price so low that I could conceivably sell it again for a tidy profit. But I won’t. First off, this thing is like a motherfucking Transformer. If dirt was a band of Decepticons my vacuum would kick their asses! This thing (once you figure it out) is so damned easy to use! It has all the great features one would need in a vacuum cleaner, but also, that damned thing sucks…HARD. In a good way. I’m amazed at what’s coming out of my carpet. Eeeuuw, but in a good way. Also, the canister pops off and you hit a release button and everything just dumps into the trash. No bags, no filters, no clogging. The only thing to be careful of is accidentally dumping everything on the floor when you are still trying to figure out how everything works. Ah well, I just vacuumed it all up again. Is it wrong to get excited about a vacuum? Could be, but it feels so RIGHT.
You have to accept that if you are wearing a t-shirt with a t-rex, a giant squid, ,and a sperm whale battling it out for supremacy on the high seas you’re going to spend a lot of your day with people staring at your boobs (moreso than usual).
Suddenly, I’m addicted to NPR. What the hell. I couldn’t stand listening to it before. They always talked all slow (jesus, they talked a lot!) but now, suddenly, I’m listening all the time. They just sit there telling me things all day long. I know I know, NPR is nothing new, but here I am, coming into the game kinda late. Seriously, I just sit here listening to people telling me things. Interesting things. I got to listen to a blind, Dutch scientist telling me about the evolutionary model of bivalves and mollusks and then how that model applied to politics, I listen about using gumballs to fish for carp, I get insight into the news. Fascinating.
I’m using my new Hello Kitty lunch pack today! Hot and sour soup, cookies, carrot stick. YAY.