man…fuck you

I get in my car yesterday and under the windshield wiper is a note. I get out to read it and it’s a fucking creepy note addressed to me. It’s written in block letters to hide the handwriting.
It’s amazing what one single creepy sentance can do to you. I filed a report with security and they are investigating it. Now i am sitting here viewing each of my coworkers suspiciously. I’ve told a few people so they could keep an eye out.
Part of me is pissed off and I want to yell “this is not the way to attract someone!!” but the rest of me knows this has nothing to do with attraction or flirting or whatever.
One note. One incident. I’ll stay calm for now.
Then I had a freaky Target experience. First off, they were having some sort of weird clearance and I ended up getting a 4 pack of toilet bowl cleaner for $4. I have 4 big things of toilet bowl cleaner. That should last me 87 years! They also had a 3 pack of toothpaste on sale for $4. and giant clothes detergent for $3! WOO!
Then I was feeling like i needed to treat myself to a little girliness so I bought my panties (the blue set) and a couple cami’s and went wandering off to find the PowerPuff girls body glitter that the waitress had the other day. No luck finding that, but I did find another body glitter set that had adhesive and everything. Little girls get the coolest stuff.
I leave and of COURSE someone stops me in the parking lot. He is out of gas and needs to get to Bemidji…look he has a daughter…isn’t she cute. I have no cash. Part of me feels bad because I do want to believe this is real. The rest of me knows it isn’t and I hate him for using his little girl like that. He doesn’t want cash, he wants me to drive him to a gas station and buy him gas. Okay…no. You’re not getting in my car, little girl with you or not. I hate being paranoid, but there are just enough fucked up assholes in the world who wouldn’t mind pulling some shit even with their kid in the car.
So I go home and re-excite myself with the body glitter! I go to try it on and find that the adhesive has turned into a solid, stinky rubbery blob. SAD!
Talk to my sister on the phone, she’s getting a hedgehog! YAY! I told her my woes and she said she could get fake eyelash adhesive! That would probably be even safer to put on my eyes than whatever this thing came with!
I just met with the security guard from the Art Institute (they own the ramp that I park in) and they showed me the best places to park so that my car would be under surveillance and gave me permission to park in special parking for a while so they could keep an eye on me.
I am glad that people are taking this seriously and taking measures to make sure I am safe. I should not have to feel unsafe at work!