fuck potato

am I seriously arguing with someone about the origin of the word ‘pissant’? I am!
Are my dogs the best dogs ever? THEY ARE!
Ghengis sleeps with his head hanging over the arm of the sofa. I never have my camera by me when he does this. He looks like a little drunk puppy sleeping it off. He’s sleeping with his eyes open, too. Creepy!
So I have at least 3 people with their plane tickets booked and possibly 2 more that really shouldbook their tickets (hint….hint….). I’m totally getting stuck on details…”this person lands at this time, I get off work at this time, that’s exactly 5 hours to eat something and bake a cake…if we go to the mall and eat dinner at this place we have this much time to cook until person lands!”
I get stuck on details!
Also, now is not the time to shift from insomnia to whatever the opposite of insomnia is. Not narcolepsy, i’m not falling asleep at inopportune times (like SOMEBODY), I’m just sleeping a lot. All I want to do is sleep.
Maybe I have Trypanosomiasis!!! (god I love the internet).
Today I pickedup some doggie pheromones that might help maddie with the anxiety. I’m not holding out too much hope with this one. I think stuff like this works with people because the power of suggestion is really strong, but I can’t really suggest to my dog that this should work. I can hope, though.
Otherwise it’s puppy prozac. Or a behaviorist.
yeah, not so much to write, i’m off to bed.