Another thing to add to my list of things that i’d never done but now I have…
Went to a 21+ punk show last night. I’m not a huge fan of punk music, it’s very loud and somewhat nonsensical and most of the songs sound the same and everyone drinks PBR because it’s cheap and it’s very very bad. We knew the people in the band so what the hell, we went and drank and had a good time.
and drank…
and the afterbar was across the street in a garage and you had to pay for the cup if you wanted to drink and we did, so we did.
A lot of stuff happened and suffice to say you probably won’t hear about it from me. The tamest thing was me drunk dialing Ireland at 4:30 in the morning (i’m pretty sure it was 10:30 in the morning there).
So taday is 2 alleve and 4 shots of espresso over ice and quiet. Even Ghengis looks hungover. I’m in the final stages of planning the food for the party. I went to go write out lists and I realized I don’t have a single notebook. Not a one. Anywhere. I think all the notebooks were kept in the desk and the desk and it’s contents went with the ex by default. I was at Target the other day and considered buying a notebook and didn’t. Lord, I can buy body glitter marketed to an 8 year old but a notebook? oh no, not a notebook, that’s just a waste of money. I’m sure David has one somewhere, hopefully he’ll wake up soon.
I think the food for this shindig is going to be the best I’ve done, yet!
If you’ve not been invited you should ask yourself what you’d done that was so ill-mannered that I would not invite you!
yobo out!
oh, PS to the guy with the Saturn coupe…sorry, dude.