Saw Willy Wonka tonight. Woo. The Oompah Loompahs make the movie, but Johnny Depp is superbly creepy, he does emotionally half-baked perfectly.
It’s playing at the Imax here and I think I will go see it again just tosee iton the very big screen.
We went out with April and The Keev tonight. Hit Quangs for dinner. Don’t know why, but I was totally thinking nice light Vietnamese food. I get there and much to my trouser’s chagrin I got the ‘excessive soup’ (the 509, formerly the S9). This is the soup that comes in 3 bowls and has everything except tripe in it. Why did I get it? I don’t know.
Also, my sister always manages to announce that my ass looks fabulous in precisely the pants I hate on my ass. It’s somesort of cryptic turnaround. I don’t know. Anyway, I still haven’t done laundry and I almost called in this morning for not having any clean pants (hence the wearing of the pants that hate my ass).
As for the camping pics, I just promised my boss that I would get them posted and so I guess I will get them posted! Soon!
For the next 4 weeks I will bore you with 2 details: 1) party menu 2) the state of the organization of my house in preperation for my party. Sorry. I came up with a menu that has too many items on it and will pare it back as time goes on. I have 37 people RSVP’d for this event, so I need to have a lot of food on hand (so many bites per person per hour etc). I will conceivably have 4 people in from out of town (possibly 5 if mr small distant possibility comes through) and 2 of the out of towners will be cooking so I need to have as much of my food done ahead of time as possible. I’m looking for do ahead recipes and the like. I’m pretty sure the stuffed croissants can be made ahead and frozen. If this is the case we will be eating A LOT of those!
There will also be a flow problem in the dining room. I may have to rearrange so that people can visit food, drinks and desserts seperately without things jamming up.
I don’t know where 37 people will sit, but we’ll see how things go!
Alright bandidos, bed time, I’m a tired tiger and I need my rest.

just avert your eyes and act uncomfortable

Conversations I have with my pants:
Pants: stop eating so many scones
Me: but I have to, I can’t just charge $1.50 for my coffee. I have to add something in there
Pants: use cash
Me: I never have cash on me, I end up using it up.
Pants: Using it up on scones?
Me: Shup up.