Snail’s pace

Got one thing done! Went to IKEA! Jetsy (betsy and jessi) went with and were phenomenal at their duties keeping in line. Picture frames, a few geegaws, some wooden coat hangers, napkins!
NAPKINS! I have this thing about IKEA napkins. When I go I HAVE to buy a pack of each color or design I run across and if you’ve been to IKEA you know that they have about 2 metric buttloads of napkin designs that change out regularly. I’m sick for the napkins, I love them, I coordinate them to the food I am serving. I bought napkins, but Jetsy made sure I only bought napkins for the party. And that’s it. 3 packs of cocktail napkins and no more.
I bought many picture frames. Joy. Now I can print up fun pictures of the boy and the dogs and my travels. Jetsy tried to encourage me to be creative by buying the plain wooden frames and painting them, but I’m not creative and I know when I attempt stuff like that it looks…wrong.
My morning was very very bad. Not bad in a depressing way, but bad in a kafka-esque workplace kind of way. Absurdly bad.
I went to Cupcake for lunch today and that made it a million times better! Brought home many many cupcakes today. Cupcake makes a bad morning better.
The bad morning was so bad and I was so bored* that i was forced to…SHOP! Okay, I bought 2 things I (sort of) needed. I needed to upgrade to OSX Tiger (grrrrrrowl) and the IT guy reminded me that I get the school discount through Apple. DUH! I completely forgot about that! So I got Tiger for cheap. Then I needed memory and while I do get a discount from Apple for that, their idea of a discount is to use lube before grinding in. I did not purchase my memory from Apple.
These things should be arriving soon and my computer will become space age.
Go me.
Okay, bubbo out, I’m off to bed early.
* Technically, I’m not allowed to say I was bored because admitting I was bored would make the security guards look bad and certainly we wouldn’t want to make them look bad. Honestly, though, I’m not sure that anything I said could make them look any worse than they are managing to do by haranguing the IT guys to install chat programs on their computers so they can chat with their ‘girlfriends’ while they are at work. I thought I had little to do at my job, but my god, it’s not like I have time to chat! Oh yeah, they’re fucking powerhouses of hard work up there writing their novella length love letters, talking on the phone, cooking food on a fucking george foreman grill and now CHATTING.