I’m about halfway done with editing my pics. I accidentally hit a button when switching between apps and it set off a domino effect so vast that my computer actually crashed. The thing about OSX is that it rarely completely crashes, usually you just lose a program here or there and restart the program. And really, the whole thing didn’t crash but the 4 program clusterfuck was beginning to take up resources and was not righting itself fast enough for my impatient tastes.
Word of warning, do not accidentally hit the ‘iDVD’ button in iPhoto when you have your 4000 picture library open. It will try to export every one of those 4000 photos to iDVD and there is NO cancel button (stupid). Things get very ugly for a while.
So, yeah, half way done with my pics and I’ll get them posted. soon.
Still no word from David’s parents. Marshall called earlier today to say that his house was destroyed. He left a message so we were not able ask questions or anything, so I’m not sure what the details are. He declared his love for David over the phone. Marshall, if you’re going to steal my boyfriend you better get me lots (LOTS) of Elvis gifts from Graceland or I’ll really kick your ass. And I want ‘Fat Elvis’ stuff, no ‘TCB’ or early, young, healthy Elvis bullshit. Fat, sick, drugged out Elvis is the king of the elvis world.
Why am I so cranky today? I don’t know but people are pissing me off and everyone I know is cranky and pissed off. We need an international punch-fest or something. Asses need to be kicked. Hard.
Good luck to Lily on her tonsil surgery! I promise that in the international punch-fest I will not be punching you, babe!
Alright, I need food to put in my belly and arms to wrap around me.