Like communion, every night he hands me a vitamin and the water and I take my vitamin and he makes me drink more water.
My space bar is still fucked. I need some compressed air or something.
Went to CompUsa and insisted that they give me my 16mb card for my new camera then I bought a 128mb card. I won’t actually use the 16 ever, but it was the principal. The kid PROMISED that the card was in there, even after I threatened to call him out to Thunderdome he assured me it was there. He was wrong. I had to drive all the way back there in the traffic and the heat and with all the same old music in my car. Also, everyone there was dumb. Really dumb. It was annoying.I was going to buy memory for my computer as well, but 1) he insisted that all mac laptop memory was exactly the same and 2) it was twice as expensive as anywhere else.
I love my bathtub. Ghengis is chewing on some sort of Nylabone fist of power.
Yesterday, one of my coworkers asked me if I was vegetarian since I was talking about tofu. I told him I was not, but didn’t eat a lot of meat at home. He said, “oh…i was gonna tease you with my steak…ha ha ha”. First of, I eat meat and that leftover, overcooked, cheap-ass thing you call a steak would tempt no one and secondly, what a fucking foul thing to do. What, you think you;re the big man because you can tease a vegetarian with meat? Someone who chooses to not eat meat is not going to feel bad that they can’t eat your microwaved nastiness.
grrr. He’s also one of the guys that can’t figure out that the bright red flashing symbol on the copier might actually be directing him to action and not just warning him to take cover. Also, he spent 20 minutes trying to fax his resume yesterday and it would not work. He blamed me, said I broke the fax. I faxed immediately before him and then immediately after him. I had no problems. He insists that everyone be aware of his masters degree in english education. That’s all well and good, mr 3rd rate security guard at a 2nd rate midwestern college, I’m glad you’re doing something with that. I dropped out of college and still I can fax, photocopy and I make more money than you.
You shot for the moon and landed on someone else’s roof.
Why am I ranting about this guy? Who knows.
oooh! myth busted! My coworker went to buy a car the other day. Brand new expensive mobile. He makes good money, has excellent credit, middle aged white guy. A loan officer’s wet dream. He got financed through the same credit union I did. My interest rate offers were 4.99% on a 5 year and 4.75% on a 4 year. He was offered 6.25% and 5.75% respectively. What the fuck? I’d say it was the cleavage, but the loan chick couldn’t see me through the phone.
Tonight was one of those nights I wish I had musical talent. Also, the french toast with fresh cranberries at the Hard Times Cafe is really really good.
Tomorrow is the ice cream social! I hope we find it!