We moved David today. In the heat. Last night and today I felt like i couldn’t move, I was stuck in Jell-o and when I managed to sit (which was often) I felt like I was hovering in pudding (mmmm jell-o mmmm pudding). I’m low on potassium again, so it’s back to the doctor and more tests (and I JUST got the last round paid off).
An interesting side note…the nuts in pistachio pudding aren’t pistachios but almonds, they’r echeaper and last longer.
I had a dream about the movie ‘Secretary’. Watching it now. Love it. I hate James Spader in every other movie he is in but I love him in this movie.
I have a case and a half of wine sitting here. It’s calling my name. I really really think I should draw a bath and grab my book (Vernon God Little) and relax.
just maybe…
Speaking of books, I read ‘Never Let Me Go’ last week. Tough book, emotional. I cried, not because it was obviously sad, but because death and loss were treated SO cavalierly. It’s a good read, but honestly I don’t think it’s the wonder bread book of he year. But that’s just me.
I mean, what do I know?