Trash talkin

Well, I’m the kind of slut that wears a black bra under a pink tank top. Fatty boombalatty…cha cha cha!
There are days that I have to remind myself that this is mine, all of this mine and if it doesn’t get cleaned or straightened in a timely manner it doesn’t matter. It’s not a reflection of anything other than the fact that I prioritize differently than the anally-retentive or the boring. I slept late again today, tired and worn out, I got out of bed furious with myself for sleeping in and for wasting a morning not cleaning or doing something productive. In the shower I stopped myself, I reminded myself that it didn’t really matter in the great scheme of things if there were bunny mugs and dinosaur magnets and hippo clocks and hello kitty lunch boxes on the coffee table and it didn’t matter if the entirety of my filing was strewn on the dining room table. Sure, the dishes had to be done because I ran out of plates, but that would get done and My bedroom needed to be cleared a bit, but that will also get done.
I made our coffee and I chilled and I read a little then I did the dishes and rearranged things in my room while David did the yard work (sweet guy, that david, doing my yard work for me.), So now maybe I do some filing so I can clear the table so we can eat our dinner in there like civilized people.
Maddie is eating the doorknob in the living room when I am not here. She seems to have some massive separation anxiety when I’m not around and I’m not entirely sure what to do about that.
Do I want a new tv stand? I’m not sure. I have more dvd’s than my little dvd bins can hold now and I don’t like storing them on the sides of the bins. I’ll look into it. Maybe a cabinet type thing where I can close it and you can’t see the dvd player, the vcr or the dvd’s would be good.
Be good, chochachos, and keep your nose in your own business like a good norwegian should.