I am Shiny

I am shiny! He said so! Shiny!
um…yeah…if you go through all the trouble to have custom designed and printed invites to your big housewarming party, perhaps you should put your name on them. Hmm. oh well, most people know it’s me and there’s a url on there and if you go to the site you’ll see a picture of me and my name is repeated many many many times. Lesson learned, or something. I never was all that bright. So…yeah…the pink invitation in your mail is from me. Go to the website for the rest of the info.
I took 200 pictures this weekend, I’m still shuffling through and will post some of them soon. I think. I always say that and I never do.
* I got to walk on a beaver dam
* I got stuck on a rooty stump and almost killed david being rescued
* David took me out on the lake after the sun set and the stars came out and we watched the stars in the perfect black and listened to the loons call to each other
* Eating massive amounts of wild blueberries, next time I’m totally bringing Jiffy pancake mix for wild blueberry pancakes!
* Floating along in the canoe withut a care in the world.
* Discovering I have mad paddling skills
* Campfires! Toasted marshmallows and fried summer sausage and being so civilized we had tea every afternoon at 4.
* Being able to identify upwards of 4 different kinds of wild turds based only on the size and contents (bears make big hairy turds, go figure).
* Reeking of bug spray and sun screen all the time.
* Not getting eaten by a bear.
* No cell phone.
* Sitting quietly on my special rock and watching the sun set every night.
* Learning that I’m not so soft
* Cold rain
* The giant spider that lived on the toilet
* You get kind of stiff and sore sleeping on the ground.
Anyway, it was a goodly good trip and we’ll get pictures posted and all that.
I came to work today for no good reason. I have a ton of vacation time, i could have easily taken the day off but I didn’t. It’s good just to get out of the house. I didn’t really do anything important today anyway. I’ll go home and see my dogs! That seems like fun.
And maybe help david pack. That seems like less fun but not so bad.
So long shobos