oyo chobo

when I grow up I want to drive a Chocho Road Brick.
So what do you do after 4 nights in the woods? You stay in bed too long, you wander over to get coffee and waffles, you try to catch up on your emails, you try to describe what it’s like to be on a completely calm lake after sundown watching the stars and listening to the loons calling to one another on the next lake over.
Work in the morning? I suppose. Sigh.
Okay, house warming party time. Must get my plan in gear. Must get menus and schedules and things together. If you’re coming in from out of town, consider bringing a sleeping bag! Pre-party brunch at Cupcake! Be there!
One time I stood in line for over an hour to get Milli Vanilli to sign a photo. This was after their downfall. There was not a single person in this very long line that was there for any reason other than to snicker.
Oooh also, aquarium time.
bed time, i’m all disconnected and not making sense.
later, chochachos.