We moved David today. In the heat. Last night and today I felt like i couldn’t move, I was stuck in Jell-o and when I managed to sit (which was often) I felt like I was hovering in pudding (mmmm jell-o mmmm pudding). I’m low on potassium again, so it’s back to the doctor and more tests (and I JUST got the last round paid off).
An interesting side note…the nuts in pistachio pudding aren’t pistachios but almonds, they’r echeaper and last longer.
I had a dream about the movie ‘Secretary’. Watching it now. Love it. I hate James Spader in every other movie he is in but I love him in this movie.
I have a case and a half of wine sitting here. It’s calling my name. I really really think I should draw a bath and grab my book (Vernon God Little) and relax.
just maybe…
Speaking of books, I read ‘Never Let Me Go’ last week. Tough book, emotional. I cried, not because it was obviously sad, but because death and loss were treated SO cavalierly. It’s a good read, but honestly I don’t think it’s the wonder bread book of he year. But that’s just me.
I mean, what do I know?

So I just sit up in the house and resist

And not be seen until I cease to exist
I ate too much for dinner.It made me sick.
Also, there is something under my space bar and it does not always engage properly.
There’s a lot of happy and a little bit of skittish and great deal of contentment and some trepidation and a whole lot of everything going on right now. It’s been a weird night for me.
What I need to remind myself is that all of my brains issues can be put on hold for the time I am at the dog park. There really is nothing like watching Ghengis explode in sheer excitement as he takes off with all his buddies. On the other hand we have to be careful with Maddie, she’s like thug out there. I think tonight we got her to the point where she can chase dogs, which is okay, and she can get up in their faces, which would not beokay for people but is fine with dogs, they have their own dynamics, and she figured out that after she gets all up in their faces she has to stop, she can’t go further. It was weird to watch her figure that out, I had to pull her out of two situations where neither dog was backing down. After I made her sit with my hand on her collar in front of the other dogs (oh the humiliation of it all) she would chase, get up in faces, then stop and trot over to me for pets and affirmation.
Not bad. She did start to get aggressive with a german shepherd mix that was harassing Ghengis. She’s protective not only of me but of her little buddy as well. She’s a doofus, but a wonderful and loving doofus.
Hey! You guys coming in from out of town for the party…You better confirm with me soon! I’m getting nervous!
Okay, water and new sheets and bed time. We’re moving David in the morning.