you fucking guy

First off, Congrats to Betsy (the Betsy half of Jetsy) and her boyfriend, James on their adoption of a happy dachshund mix! They named him Gary. How great is that? Pretty great.
And a giant THANK YOU to Jessi (the Jessi half of Jetsy) for her wonderful design for my initations. When I saw them I thought I would cry. So wonderful. Everything I wanted in an invitation! People, if you need invitations designed, go see Jessi!
Another thanks to Mr Chank Diesel for providing the font. You are much loved.
I will be answering Lily’s questions soon. The first one is hard, scary to write about. It took place less than a year ago.
The gas bill fell under the bass amp. I need to pay that. When in my life did I think I would have anything fall under a bass amp?
I’m getting a lot of conflicting advice about my trip to the BWCA this weekend. Bring beer, don’t bring beer, bring the dog, don’t bring the dog, watch out for bears, bears are a conspiracy, they don’t exist anywhere except on the moon and they are made of cheese. I have put my trust in David. I figure either he knows what he’s doing or he’s gonna be stuck with me and my missing leg.
I need to write up Maddie instructions for my mom before I go. Ghengis is going to Bela’s (also Dena and Levi’s) and he’s easy enough to deal with. Maddie is more special case and needs lots of TLC. She has seperation anxiety big time and I worry about her.
I also need to vacuum. and do laundry. and do the dishes. and hire a sherpa. and pay my insurance. and get my plates put on my car. and buy wine.
I very much want to spend my time planning food for my party but I need to focus on more boring stuff first. Boring then fun, it’s the grown up way.
Okay, one responsible thing then dinner then working on questions.
I forgot to mention!!! BEEBO! Beebo became a beautiful moth which we released today. Happy flight Beebo! Good luck to you!