the matter

yeah, okay so I’m trying to not expend so much energy on being angry at humanity. Craziness exists at every level from the genocidal maniac running a country all the way down to the sociopathic freak that won’t leave you alone. To get angry is not productive.
So what is the evolutionary reasoning behind getting eyelashes in your eyes? I understand why we need them in the first place, that function is clear, but why are we also set up to get them in our eyes? Seriously, if I was living on the savannah i’m pretty sure that getting an eyelash in my eye would be the shittiest of defenses against a pissed off hyena attack. It’s not like you are suddenly camoflauged when that pokey little hair monster starts drilling into your iris, and it causes the exact OPPOSITE of enhanced vision. When you lay there on the ground, fetal, grabbing at your eye, tears mingling with the dust to cake your head with mud a lion is not going to take pity on you, grab you by the scruff of the next and drag you back to her den. Mostly she will just eat you.
Evolution made a major fuck up on my face (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I know).
Come to my party! My housewarming party! Invites to go out soon! Jessi and I are working on designing them. Custom invites to go out to you people so you can stop acting like you won’t get a custom engraved invite!
Today I wore my hiking boots to work to break them in. I was all worried that my feet would hurt and I would hate my life but these are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. I love them so much. This is one less thing to worry about on the trip!
Surdyks is having their wine sale so I’ll be able to pick up wine for cheap, maybe even 2 mixed cases. Nice.
Okay, so here is my cranky radio issue…
During the day I listen to KQED on iTunes. KQED is the northern california NPR station and they have excellent issue based discussions all day long. They are experiencing some sort of technical difficulty and they won�t come through. The LA NPR station is playing music you’ve never heard of and would rather not hear and the NYC station is interviewing eclectic jazz musicians and playing their music. I don�t want to listen to inarticulate jazz musicians ramble on about their music then have to listen to each song. I don�t want to have to hear �I wrote this song in 1957 after blues great Teddy �no one you have ever heard of ever� Muddyson stepped on a rusty beer bottle cap and got tetanus and died because he was too blues musician-y to get insurance.�
This is irritating me
Lots of times, when I am reading the writings of stupid people I picture them as Beaker talking and going all “meeh meeh meeh meeh” in a voice slightly more whiney than Beaker’s.
The doogles need new collars. I’m trying to find a balance between the really cool ones ($40) and the really ugly ones (cheap). Every time I look at them and pick out the ones I like they end up being too expensive for a dog collar. My dogs deserve good collars, but not GOOD collars, ya know.
David’s doing the triathlon on Saturday, good wishes to him (and his dad and sisters and brother in law who are also all participating in the race).
hotcha my chili-bots, I’ll be the ruination of this hemisphere yet.